Currently // November

Currently // November

I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things I loving at the moment, new and old. Here are some of things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, amazingly they are not all food ( I know I’m shocked too ). Why not drop a comment below and tell me about all the things you are currently loving and doing at the moment.


Reading // The light between oceans by M L Stedman, I have only just started reading this and I’m hooked already, I went to bed at 8pm on Saturday night to read it. Beautifully written and the story has you hooked from the first couple of pages, I can’t wait to finish it although I’m pretty sure im going to need a big box of tissues.


Loving // Being back in the gym, I can’t tell you just how much I have missed my morning workouts while I’ve been poorly. It is leaving me sore and tired but I just love it, fingers crossed I’m my onto the road of good health.


Eating // Anything do to with Christmas! Have you noticed that chocolate in the shape of Santa just tastes better.


Wishing // I could order every thing my Bettys Christmas catalogue, EVERYTHING!


Starting // My dermalogica routine, last week I went along to my local beauty salon to have a dermalogica skin mapping where they looked at my skin and worked out a detailed skin plan for me. I knew I was really naughty with my skin care however I had no idea just how bad my skin us. The list of problems with my skin is pretty upsetting so I’m going to do my best to improve it, because no one wants to age sooner than they need to.

Celebrating // Yesterday was Jamie’s uncle’s 60th birthday, I absolutely adore Jamie’s whole family they make me feel so loved and welcomed so anytime I get to spend with them is just magical. We laughed so much and ate way too much cake, delicious cake.


Watching // Normally I don’t watch much telly, maybe a hour every few days ( to be perfectly honest i just can’t be bothered with it, I find it a waste of time ) but while I was ill off work I became obsessed with Married at first sight. I turned it on and was outraged with the whole thing, how could anyone really marry someone they had never ever spoke to or even seen a picture of?! However by the end of the first episode I was hooked and even managed to convince myself that if I did ( many bad boyfriends ago ) I wouldn’t have wasted so much of my life with the wrong me, luckily I have found a good man now. Now I’m curious whether or not any of them could make it work, after all arranged marriages are nothing new.

Creating // I absolutely love doing arts and crafts but lately I just haven’t found any time to do any, at the moment any spare time I do have goes on reading. But I really wanted to do something special for Christmas and hopefully start a new Christmas tradition. So last week I made Jamie a Christmas advert calendar, and I will be sharing a how to with you tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.


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