Christmas fitness challenge// Week two

Christmas fitness challenge// Week two

There has been a lot of tears this week I haven’t done as well as I hoped I am really struggling with not eating sugar and giving up all the junk. I spent Tuesday night going through the photos on my phone and when I saw this picture on the left I really started crying. The photo on the left was taken on the 5th November 2015 and it was after taking this picture that I started my fitness journey. I remember looking at the picture straight after taking it and crying my heart out because I didn’t realize how much I had actually put on that summer. The picture on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago and you can definitely see a difference but now I need to really focus, during Christmas last year I didn’t eat a single chocolate I was so focused and dedicated to get healthy and I want to return to that.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


I managed to get my butt back in the gym this week I was slightly worried about starting again but I had no need to be I got straight back into it and I have been incredibly sore everyday since. But it felt amazing to be exercising again, I pushed myself through the pain, I managed four gym session and next week I’m hoping to make it six sessions. This week I did two spin classes and two grit sessions, I feel like I’m starting to get back to normal self and I’m pretty proud of myself.


Glorious food!


Food this week had been a totally different story, I started off really well however as soon as the biscuit tin made its way around work I reverted back to being a kid in a sweet shop. Which then opened the sweet tooth gate way and I would spend the day eating chocolate and crap. So what I’ve learnt this week is to avoid any sweet treats, because once I start I can’t stop. I did manage to eat a lot of fruit and veg this week so I suppose that’s a good thing, I just need to carry around some healthy snacks and just say no to the biscuit tin.


Goals for next week!

1. Keep trying to eat better ( no excuses ).
2. Aim to lose 2lbs.
3. Try and do some extra gym sessions.
4. Have a mini pamper session.

Those glorious feelings!

I am feeling pretty disappointed with myself this week, my will power has been so low this week and I’m so hard on myself because I know I can do it. But I’m not going to give up, getting back into gym sessions was a big deal for me and that’s been my proudest achievement this week so I’m trying not to be disappointed with only losing 1lb. Hopefully next week I will be able to resist the biscuits and eat better, I am stronger than I believe myself to be. And I know a biscuit won’t make me as happy as being able to run 10 miles or squat my own bodyweight. I’m two weeks in and if I keep this challenge up I could be at the half a stone milestone in another two weeks that’s what’s going to keep me going.

Week two lose :- 1lb

Total lose:- 3lbs


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