Small happy moments // 006

Small happy moments // 006

“There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.”
Anthony de Mello

How true is this quote?! I truly believe that most people are unhappy because their life isn’t how they pictured it in their heads. Most people are waiting for that job promotion, their next holiday or even for the weekend for what they think will bring them happiness. However by wasting time waiting you will be missing out on so many small happy moments. Here’s some of my small happy moments that have put a smile on my face recently.


After Christmas Halloween is my favourite time of the year ( to be fair I absolutely anything from the first of October to the first of January ). I think I had a creepy grin on my face for a full two weeks over Halloween. I visited pumpkin patches, practised creepy make up ideas, screamed at scary Halloween farms and ate far too much chocolate. And what’s not to love about a night where you can get dressed up, have messy hair and get free chocolate, I absolutely adore how big it’s getting in England.


I have discovered a new subscription box that I absolutely adore, body month is a beauty subscription box busting with all your daily beauty essentials. I love having a long hot bath and a bit of a pamper session in the evenings and this box has absolutely everything you need you a good pamper session including chocolate.


I feel so busy all the time that having a day out on my own keeps me sane and allows me to get my thoughts together and and give my batteries a recharge. I recently discovered Chalke Abbey in Derbyshire which was a beautiful national trust site with a interesting twist which you can discover here. The un-stately home was a perfect way to spend the day and with the Autumn colours around it really made me stop and think about how lucky I truly am.


The whole world looks stunning under a blanket of Autumn leaves, Autumn is my favourite season by far it is so pretty and there is something magical in the air. Although this might make me sound slightly odd my favourite thing to do in the Autumn is to wake up and stand in my garden in my pyjamas and and take in the fresh crisp Autumn air ( Autumn is the only season in which I don’t feel cold ).


What better way to spend a cold dark night than watching a Disney film with some sweet treats under a big thick blanket. I absolutely love The little mermaid it was my favourite as a child and I still love it just as much now than I did twenty years ago.


Bonfire night is definitely in my top three nights of the year ( Halloween and Christmas come before obviously ) . Because Dave hates fireworks we can’t go out because he gets so upset, so Jamie surprised me with a romantic night. He made us a campfire to snuggle up around, he cooked jacket potatoes in the flames and cooked some baked beans in there too. We watched the fireworks all around us light up the sky in the prettiest of colours and giggled under the stars. We ended our romantic night making smores ( it was my first time making smores, and they were amazing and in true Emma style I ended up with a sticky face covered in marshmallow ).


Although we make Dave sleep downstairs in his bed as a special treat for me and him at the weekend I go down to make a big cup of tea and return to bed for a little snooze and some puppy cuddles. I freakin love this dog, he really is my best friend, in fact I probably spend more time with him than I do anyone else. And morning cuddles are my favourite, a close second is dancing around the kitchen with him.

What’s made you smile recently?


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