Christmas fitness challenge

Christmas fitness challenge

I feel like the last four or five months have been extremely bad for me health wise, i’m not too concerned I have been plagued with different illnesses and just put it down to a bad year and I feel like you can go absolute months and be fit and healthy then everything comes at once. Its more frustrating than anything as every time I start to get into a healthy routine I have to stop and rest and what seems to be, eat my way through illness! Which as resulted in me gaining 8lbs over the last four months which might not seem like a lot but if it continues at the same rate, it will be a stone by Christmas.

Christmas is now eight weeks away and my goal is to lose the 8lbs I have gained, which is a healthy goal to have, just 1lb a week which is achievable and realistic. As an extra incentive I have promised myself a new dress for Christmas day if I hit my goal!

Goals for week one!

  1. Lose 1lb
  2. Do three gym sessions.
  3. Try a new exercise class.
  4. Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  5. Cut out all the sweet treats.

The next week is going to kill me but I know its going to be worth it in the end, the thing i’m dreading the most is cutting back on the sugar. I already know that I will get headaches and be a nightmare for the first few days as sugar is more addictive than most drugs. But once I get through that first week I know I will be ok so I just need to stay focused and keep thinking about my new dress.

So wish me luck and I will keep you updated with weekly posts!



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