Autumn lights

Autumn lights


I absolutely love a little trip to national trust sites, they are such a peaceful way of spending a few hours allowing you to get lost in history and in your own head. Plus they normally have lots of yummy cakes, and you know how much I love cake.


Now I have already been to Little Morton hall a couple of times ths year and its only tiny so wasn’t planning on visiting again for a long time. But then I noticed that the hall was holding a contemporary art exhibition by artist Liz West, now the only thing that I knew about it was that it was called Autumn lights. Now I already knew that little Morton hall had incredible lighting ( don’t ask me why my brain remembered about lighting, but it did ).


I arrived to the most perfect of blue skies which created the most beautiful of back drops to a very special house.


I wandered around the grounds all wrapped up in the chilly October air, keeping warm with a cream topped hot chocolate and a big grin on my face. I walked around until my nose turned red, then decided to go and explore the ” Autumn lights “.


And I’m so glad I did! As I walked into the first room I found I was stood in the middle of the most vibrant of rainbows. The only thing I knew about the exhibition was that it was contemporary art, yet still I imagined a modern twist of old art but what I actually found was beautiful, simple and very modern.


Different coloured panels of all different sizes stood in front of windows waiting the Autumn light to hit them and light up the rooms as if rainbows were shining through each window.


I must have looked at each panel from so angles that it felt like a yoga class, and with every different angle came a different light show as the sunshine hit a different part of the panel.


You could never imagine how something so simple could bring you so much happiness, I danced through the colours smiling like a cheshire cat. Watching the light move across my skin, stretching my arms between the different couples and hiding behind each panel when I noticed people staring at me.


I can’t tell you just how much I loved the exhibition, the mixture of the old and new worked perfectly together and created a wonderful atmosphere. It provided a way of interacting with the house, I enjoyed watching people hiding behind coloured panels, children making rainbows across their bodies and loved up couples taking selfies with a pretty coloured background. The usual awkward silence you tend to find within period properties was replaced with giggles, oohs and aahs and me accidentally shouting wow. I will be absolutely visiting several more times before it ends as it is impossible to see the same light twice! I would love to see the changes during sunset.


After such a breathtakingly beautiful exhibition I headed back outside to enjoy the last of the Autumn sunshine and maybe have another cheeky hot chocolate.


The ducks were enjoying the sunshine as much as I was.


If you live anywhere near by I highly recommend a trip to Little Morton hall or if you just fancy a drive and somewhere new to explore head on by because it is a real treat that will keep everyone entertained and leave you all with a big grin.



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