Self care Sunday // 014

Self care Sunday // 014

Bed time routine!

My absolute favourite part of the day is bed time, I dont have any trouble getting up in the mornings and i’m not excited about sleep. I am excited about the ritual of bed time, that getting clean, slipping into a fresh pair of pyjamas and getting cosy in bed. It is absolute heaven and is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, if you dont get as excited as me about bedtime you could always try this once a week instead of every night.


I am such a bath girl, I think its because I am part mermaid!  Showers are about getting clean and baths are for relaxing and unwinding. I have more bath products than beauty products and enough candles in my bathroom to start my own shop. I tend to spend an hour in the bath listening to classical music and trying to declutter my mind. I have a lot of pyjamas and cosy jumpers because I love wrapping up and getting comfortable


Sleep is such a big factor in self care! If you don’t rest and get a good nights sleep how can you possibly function at your best. So the lovely people at Resmed sent me a way to improve my sleep and look after myself that little bit more and get a good nights sleep so I wake up refreshed and ready to take the day on! I have been looking at getting a sleep monitor for some time now because its easy for me to watch what I put into my body and do enough exercise, its not so easy to see if my body is getting the rest it needs. There are so many ways to monitor your sleep at the moment and I feel like this is something that has become a big thing in the last six months. What I love about this is I dont have to wear a wrist band, watch or have anything attached to my mattress as i’m a little wiggly worm while I sleep.


I was so impressed with the S+ it has literally every function I could possibly want from a sleep monitor. My personal favourite being the relax daytime which is a feature on the app that has nine smoothing sounds, so if you are having a stressful day or just need 5 minutes to yourself you can sit/lay down and close your eyes and relax and you dont need to be near your monitor for this to work. I have been taking 10 minutes in the afternoon to relax while listening, it gives me a chance to empty my mind throughout the day, in turn making it easier for me to relax at bedtime.


Eventully I climb into bed, the S+ has made me very mindful about my bedtime rountine, me and Jamie now make sure we leave our moblie phones downstairs and we don’t have a T.V in our bedroom to minimalise any distractions. And just in case you remember that you need to buy milk as your are drifting to sleep you can use the mind clear option and record what you need to remember. To improve my sleep and because I work out a lot I go to bed 99% at 10pm, even at the weekends and take a pint of water with me for when I wake.





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