Small happy moments // 003

Small happy moments // 003

I am now well into week three of suffering with a inner ear infection which has left me house bound and with a awful case of vertigo, but i’m trying to stay super positive and happiness. Despite my world only consisting of a few rooms there has still been lots of moments that have made me happy ( between the sickness and sleeping ).

We are super strict about where in the house Dave is allowed to go and about him being on furniture but whenever i’m sick he refuses to leave my side and sleeps on the floor next to our bed. On nights that I have spent in the bathroom throwing up, he sits next to me with one eye on the door only looking away to make sure i’m ok. When i’ve napped he curls up at my feet and waits for me to wake. When I am ill I know i’m in super safe paws.

Get ready for some serious #boyfriendgoals! Whether im sick, happy, sad or just breathing in general, I try and have a slice of cake every single day, remember its the small things in life! And I thought I was going to be sad and cakeless while being stuck in bed but Jamie has out done himself this past week. Every couple of days he has drove to the next town and to my absolute favourite little cafe ( seriously they do the yummiest cakes ) and got some slices to takeaway, now literally the only thing in our freezer is tubs and tubs of ice cream ( don’t ask why but I hate frozen food so never buy it because I know I won’t eat it ). Every morning he has bought a tray of cakes with ice cream up to bed and climbed in while we eat them before stroking my hair until I fall back asleep. Honestly I will never ever need fancy things just jamie bringing me cake and stroking my hair.


My brother has been popping around every couple of days to check on me and bring me fresh suppiles of DVDS, magazines and treats. Its been lovely seeing him more than usual and as soon as i’m well I can’t wait to go out for dinner with him!

Although this is driving me slowly insane I am trying to stayn positive in the fact that my body clearly needs the rest. I spend so much of my life being super busy and working a lot, leaving little time to actually self care that my body just decided it needed a break and a rest, although I am so ready to get back to my life now.



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