What I ate Wednesday //005

What I ate Wednesday //005

I am sure by now you are as sick as me of me banging on about how sick I am! But unfortunately I am still sick and still house bound so this weeks blog posts are basically posts that require me moving no more than a foot! The last couple of weeks during the worst of my sickess I have been eating absolute rubbish mainly just to comfont myself but now i’m starting to feel better the rubbish is just making me feel rubbish! Because I can’t make it to the supermarket most the food that has been bought is from my local shop so its pretty basic but i’m trying my best.

08:00 AM // As I have nothing to get up for, except napping I have been sleeping much later than I normally would. I ate porridge, flex seed, banana and frozen berries, perfect comfont food that takes absolutely no effort.


11:00 PM // Soya yoghurt and strawberries, I feel like I haven’t seen a piece of fruit or veg in the last week ( unless you count the pineapple on my pizza ) so my biggest aim this week is to make sure I get my five a day in.


02:30 PM //  I couldn’t face the idea of making any lunch so I opted for popcorn which has become my absolute favourite snack.


04:30 PM // Dinner came in the form of what looks like breakfast! But it was easy and to be fair breakfast is my favourite meal. I had eggs, spinach, mushrooms and some wholemeal toast, simple and delicous.I eat at least two eggs a day and try and eat a lot of spinach as its a good source of iron.


07:00 PM // After two weeks of eating rubbish there is no way I could have gone cold turkey and sugar free. So as I curled up for the evening I treated myself to possibly the best chocolate ever made! I am utterly obsessed with these Cadburys bugs and have bought a very large box of them to keep me going til I can get my hands on some chocolate santa.


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