Trick or delicious treat

Trick or delicious treat

Have you every noticed that holiday chocolates just tastes better then normal chocolate! Easter eggs taste better than a bar of chocolate and a chocolate santa is just amazing! Halloween chocs are no exception! Im going to share with you a couple of my favorite yummy Halloween treats, so this isnt actually a recipe post because the treats are super easy to make without following a recipe, so we are going to free style some spooky chocolate goodness.


Body parts chocolate cornflake slab! The simplest chocolate treat and perfect to make with kids, best of all you can mix it up to any halloween theme you might have going on! I used a brownie tin, mixed chocolate, cornflakes and marshmallows and added some halloween treats, leave in the fridge to set and you have the perfect Halloween treat, perfect for a halloween party or family movie night. I have found this year that Wilkinsons have the best range of Halloween sweets and chocolates, so definitely worth a look in there.


Oreo eyes take less five minutes to make! no washing up or waiting. Perfect little treat to make on a rainy Sunday afternoon, all you need is a pack of Oreos, red food dye and some gummy eyeballs. I just used a cocktail stick to make the little veins.


Do you have a favourite Halloween recipe or treat ideas? Comment below or tag me in your spooky delicious pics on Instagram @emmas_happy_little_world



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