My little box // October

My little box // October

It only seems like yesterday that I received my September edition of My little box and my October box is already here. Still my absolute favourite subscription box, its like a surprise present to yourself every single month. And I absolutely love surprises. Let me know in the comments below which subscription box is your favourite because I need more in my life, more prettiest and more surprises.


This months box theme was Brooklyn and although I loved all the products inside, I dont think they tied in with ‘Brooklyn’. When I think about the New York borough, I think urban art, amazing fashion! I dont think coffee which was the overall theme in the box.


Givenchy extreme volume mascara, I was excited about trying this. During the summer months I tend to wear make up thats in the mid range price bracket because I tend to wear less make up and I like my skin to breath in the sweaty, sticky months. But in the colder winter months I step up my make up game because lets face it, those darker lips and smokey eyes are much sexier. And winter make up is definitely where I invest my money! So i’m excited to see what this mascara is like and whether or not it will make the cut into my winter make up bag.


Terry precision waterproof khol crayon in gold ornament, my heart sank. I mean what the hell am I going to do with a khol pencil in gold! I will tell you what, Im going to look damn sexy at the works Christmas party! This isn’t a khol pencil as you know it, this is creamy and slides on like a beautiful cream eyeshadow but the pencil tip allows a much neater application. I am very excited to order some more in different colours and rock some pretty eyes.


My little beauty strengthener treatment, every month you recieve a my little beauty product. This month it was a nail strengthener which means nothing to me because I don’t do my own nails but my best friend will be super excited.


The fashion part of the box came in the form of these pretty pins, I absolutely love the idea of these and think they are super cute, I just hope I remember to actually wear them.


Coffee mug and coffee stencil, I have no idea when I will ever need a tiny little coffee cup! Don’t get me wrong its cute as hell but I need a litre coffee cup!


Every month the box comes with my little world magazine and illustration, I always adore the illustrations they are placed around my dressing table for daily inspiration.

What is your favourite subscription box?








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