Currently // October

Currently // October

I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things that I am loving at the moment, new and old. Although this is slightly different than normal as I have been poorly sick for the last two weeks ( thats why there has been no blog posts for two weeks now, sorry ). Here are some of things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, amazingly they are not all food ( I know I’m shocked too ). Why not drop a comment below and tell me about all the things you are currently loving and doing at the moment.

Feeling // Absolutely like poo! I am now on day 14 of suffering with vertigo thanks to a inner ear infection, luckily now I can use my laptop but let them run through the last two weeks  with you ( believe me this will make you want to boost your immune system with some healthy fruit and veg, because you dont want this! ) So a couple of weeks ago in the evening I started feeling dizzy and assurmed it was from using my laptop too much, so I went up to bed and the second I lay down the room starting spinning like crazy ( exactly like when you are really, really drunk ) I managed to fall asleep. The next morning I woke up turned over in bed and throw up everywhere, I contuined to be sick for a good five hours by this point I was in a lot of destress the whole house was spinning and I was throwing up bile. Crying my eyes out I rang the doctors who diagnoised it straight away and due to me being alone ( Jamie was away, and three hours away ) and clearly in a lot of destress my doctor came over within a hour to make sure I was ok. Jamies mummy came round with anti sickness pills and to give me some mummy love ( I adore her, and her coming round made me stop crying ). I have never suffered with vertigo and don’t know anyone who has so it was pretty scary, I had no idea what was going on and working at a hospital makes you not want to use the NHS as you know they are so busy and there are so many people in desperate need of there service, although i’m glad I called my doctor before I started having a panic attack. For the next ten days I couldn’t even watch T.V, read a book, get dressed or go the toliet alone. If I tried to stand unaided I fell over ( i’m not the most balanced person in the world so this really hit me hard ). The last couple of days I have been able to watch a bit of telly and read magazines but nothing that involves concerting. My brother took me to the doctors and walked me round a nearby coffee shop which ended in me having a panic attack as I couldnt make out peoples faces and I felt so weak and venerable  that I just had a melt down. And even as i’m writing this I can feel a headache and nausea coming so will be having a snooze as soon as I have finished. Before I got sick I took pictures for lots of blog posts so hopefully with Jamies help I will be able to share them with you.


Drinking // Tea, lots and lots of tea in a kids cup with a straw ( dont judge ) I cant make any sudden head movements so all liquids have to be through a straw. I have been drinking as much water as humanly possiable but there is something extremely comfronting about a good cup of tea. And I have to admit the best thing about being sick is Jamie doing everything for me ( I may or may not have been abusing this ).


Planning // My body might not be able to leave the house but my mind certainly can and me and Jamie have been talking about holidays. Because we are so incredibly busy a two week holiday is definitely out the question, in the last year we haven’t had two weeks together and we can’t see it happening in the next year, we also woud never ever leave Dave for two weeks it would break our hearts. We will be having a week in Wales again with Dave next year, we love that furry boy! But as for me and Jamie we aren’t really beach people I can’t thing of anything worse than laying there being cooked by the sun ( although this week I would prefer that than laying in bed stuck inside ). Jamie isn’t a fan of the beach or big crowded cities ( you can see what a mission this is ) so now we are looking at Eurpean long weekend breaks, of some lesser visited cities or cities that dont feel crowded. Plus we want to go somewhere new to both of us, I went traveling around Europe in my twenties so just another challenge to get around but I am really leaning towards Bruges, if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments below.


Loving // My baby girls, they are a year old next month and this is their first winter outside and i’m so so scared ( the second I think they aren’t warm enough they are coming in, although Jamie has just bought them some heat pads ). They have started to get their winter fur now and they look so cute and fluffy with it. Now they are a little older they let me touch them and play with them which makes me super happy.


Eating //  Get ready for some serious #boyfriendgoals! Whether im sick, happy, sad or just breathing in general, I try and have a slice of cake every single day, remember its the small things in life! And I thought I was going to be sad and cakeless while being stuck in bed but Jamie has out done himself this past week. Every couple of days he has drove to the next town and to my absolute favourite little cafe ( seriously they do the yummiest cakes ) and got some slices to takeaway, now literally the only thing in our freezer is tubs and tubs of ice cream ( don’t ask why but I hate frozen food so never buy it because I know I won’t eat it ). Every morning he has bought a tray of cakes with ice cream up to bed and climbed in while we eat them before stroking my hair until I fall back asleep. Honestly I will never ever need fancy things just jamie bringing me cake and stroking my hair.


Watching // If you haven’t been watching Victoria you have seriouly missed out and need to spend a day binge watching it, i’m so sad it’s over now but excited for the next series. I freakin love British history ( despite loafing history in school ) specially our royal family. To me this show was ten times better than Downton abbey and im definitely planning on rewatching it at least another ten times before next autumn.


Needing // So I have had a lot of instagram time this last week and discovered this wedding dress now I want it!!!!!!!! Im a awful blogger and cant remember where I found it but I do remember that she dyed the dress herself. There was a video of her spinning and it looked like the bottom of the dress was on fire!!! I have spent a lot of the week looking at wedding ideas and trying to figure out dates, although after the cake surprise I would marry him tomorrow in a bin bag.


Enjoying // I never really buy magazines because I never get chance to actually read them but Jamie bought me cosmo because he knows I have a total girl crush on Zoella, I might be 32 but I absoultly love her!! And of course you couldn’t read anything without a big bar of chocolate, its the law.

What have you been currently up to? Have you ever suffered with vertigo? and do you have any tricks for dealing with it?


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