I thought I heard a pig!

I thought I heard a pig!


Keep scolling I have something new to share with you……………………………


This is a slightly different blog post than normal but I wanted to share a few more pictures from my day at Shugborough estate because it was absolutely stunning and I spent my whole vlog just rambling and forgetting to actually show you my surroundings. So I’m not going to ramble during this post, just leave you with some beautiful images ( feel free to day dream away while you take a little trip to the heart of Staffordshire ). And if you miss my ramblings click on the video below and sit back while I talk away about everything and nothing.


Ok I know that was a ridiculous amount of pictures but you know I cant help myself, I just love taking pictures and sharing them with you. I’m really hoping you watched my first ever vlog and aren’t laughing too much about how awkward I look in front of a camera and once I get over the sheer embarrassment I have after watching it back I will film another video.



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