Family time & sea air!

Family time & sea air!

There are few things I love more in the world than a trip to the seaside, I embrace everything about it, the sea air, the food, arcades and just acting like a big kid. I love it even more when I get to go with my papa bear. 

I warn you now there is a ridiculous number of pictures in this blog post but don’t worry I will be keeping the writing to a minimum.


I feel like we write off September in this country, when in fact for the last few years September has actually been the nicest of the summer months. I have in fact now booked off two weeks in September 2017 from work just so I can enjoy the British summer. The sun shone on us all day which made a welcome change ( but I did have my entire winter wardrobe in my car just in case, one can never be to prepared).


My first Mr whippy of the day! ( I had three in total, but you have to eat ice cream beside the sea, it’s like the law! ).


I decided to give my eyes and skin a rest, I opted for a no make up day and worry new glasses, how cute are these! Although you probably think they are pretty plain they are truly adventurous for me! I have worn glasses since I was 18 months old and even spent a year of my childhood with the dreaded patch on so wearing glasses is something I now hate! But for the sake of protecting what little sight I actually have I try and wear my glasses more than contact lens despite feeling extremely uncomfortable in them.


Blackpool has a bit of a bad rep for being tacky and crude which puts a lot of people off visiting but personally I just embrace it, not everything has to be instagram ready. Yes it’s a bit rough around the edges and you can buy some very questionable items in almost every shop but if you just embrace it, it will hug you right back!! Personally I love walking along the pier with a hot bag of doughnuts and trying to win a teddy bear on hook a duck.


And besides when you are looking at a sunset that is this pretty what does it matter what’s happening behind you.


The whole town was bathed in the most glorious of golden lights, some of the locals even got dressed up for the occasion.


By far the best Mr whippy I have ever tasted and one of the cheapest! It was so nice that me and Jamie are making the 90 minute trip to Blackpool just so I can make him try one.


Big is definitely one of my favourite films from the 80s ( did the 80s even produce a bad film? ) So when I saw this I nearly did a sex wee with excitement!  I jumped up and down in front of it until my papa bear gave me a £1 to find out my future. I was even more excited when I read the little fortune, which now lives in my purse. I just wish I woke up with a cool job in New York city with a massive apartment and bulk beds! If you haven’t seen big what have you been designed ing with your life?!


Me and my younger brother getting very excited to see the lights but first we needed to refuel with another Mr Whippy and some warm doughnuts.


I took so many pictures of the Blackpool illuminations but I’m not going to share them just yet as me and Jamie will be going together during October and I really want to share our trip with you and hopefully get some videos to and this post has far too many pictures as it is.



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