Back to nature

Back to nature

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
                                                                                 – Vincent Van Gogh


We are so close to my favourite time of year now that I can smell pumpkin spiced lattes in the air which leads to gingerbread smelling everything!! Although I love the warmth of the summer sun ( not that us English can remember what that feels like ) nothing on this earth compares to the beauty of nature in Autumn.


Nothing beats pulling your wellies on, wrapping a scarf around your face and feeling the babble on your hat bounce as you take a long walk outdoors with the crisp Autumn air blowing every colour of leaf around you.


And that’s just what I planned on doing this week until I woke up and the sun was shining ( ok I know it’s still technically summer but in my mind September is Autumn, plus shops start putting out Christmas chocolates so really who knows what season we are in ).


The last of the summer blooms were beautiful, I love the change in seasons when there are aspects of two seasons, flowers were still vibrant while orange and brown leaves danced along the floor in the breeze.


Not wanting to miss mother nature changing before my eyes I took a little rest, and secretly I wanted to show you ( show off ) my new watch. Now I have been looking for a watch for months ( I miss watches, I have been far too dependent on my phone for too long now ) when the team at Jord came to my rescue ( I get gifted a lot of nice stuff, however I have really strict rules about what I post, most importantly I would never write about something I didn’t’t love because there is no material goods in this world I would sell my soul for ).  But it’s safe to say I’m totally in love with my new watch.


Before I show you more about the watch I want to show you the Chinese garden because it’s my favourite part of the gardens.


The colours within the hidden Chinese garden are so pretty and bright, it’s safe to say this little patch of garden is one of my absolute favourites in the UK, and I can’t wait to show you what happens to it in October.



Jord women’s watches

Did I mention how much I love my new Jord watch! If you are thinking about getting a new watch or just treating yourself to something a little bit special you definitely need to look at these watches because they are worth every penny and I feel that I will definitely still be wearing it in five years time.



Cora purpleheart

Up close it is even more pretty than I could have imagined, now when they said they were sending me a wooden watch I was not convinced I would even like it let alone wear it. I had images in my head of a big chunky watch that would be uncomfortable to wear. But I couldn’t have been any wrong if I tried! It sits beautifully and you still have the ability to remove and add links ( they send you extra links ). I didn’t even realize I was wearing it, expect when I wanted to admire it, I will be definitely buying a couple for family as Christmas presents and a couple more for myself in different colours too.


I seriously didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to miss a single shade of Autumn colours. It’s safe to say I will be spending all my free time for the next ten weeks outside enjoying mother nature change into her prettiest outfit while I wear my prettiest accessories ( I just hope lots of people stop me to ask the time, because I will be ready to whip my little beauty out ).


And as if the watch wasn’t already pretty enough it comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box which is perfect for my dressing table and a couple of my favourite pieces of jewellery.




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