What I ate Wednesday // 004

What I ate Wednesday // 004

As always I’m sharing what I ate on Monday as its my only day off work and my most varied of days. Jamie was away and I had so many jobs to do and catching up on blog post. I spent my morning running around doing boring adult jobs and my afternoon out enjoy Biddulph gardens, my what I ate posts have been spent eating a lot at home, this is changing for the next few weeks because I have lost of days out planned, although I’m pretty sure I will try and do lots of food prep to keep me on track.

7.00 AM // I treated myself to a extra couple of hours in bed which after a busy weekend was just what I needed. And because I didn’t do a early morning workout I didn’t need a heavy breakfast ( and I really couldn’t be bothered to make anything ) so I opted for granola, soya yoghurt and strawberries. It’s nice and easy but definitely doesn’t satisfy me the same as a bowl of porridge. And of course I had a big glass of water with it and two cups of coffee, which I should really swap for green tea.


10.30 AM // I was due to go out at 11am and since we all know I can’t go more than a hour without eating I figured out I should probably eat before I left. So I had some frozen blueberries and strawberries, I buy a lot of frozen berries purely because they are cheaper and last longer.


2.00 PM One of my favourite things about visiting national trust sites is the cake, they always have lovely little tea rooms with the most delicious of cakes. I opted for the very British pot of tea and slice of Victoria sponge. This ended up being my lunch because I completely forgot I hadn’t had any and I wasn’t overly hungry. I’m pretty sure if I could get away with it I would eat cake for every meal.


4.00 PM // I am obsessed with Lucozades new zero calories drinks, but I am still only treating myself to one a week because they may be zero calories but they still are full of a lot of bad stuff and a few ingredients I can’t even read, but life is about balance.


4.30 PM // Urban fruit smashing strawberries, if I was at home I would always pick fresh fruit over packet or dried fruit purely because I prefer the taste. But I do keep at least one packet in my handbag ( my handbag is mostly full of snacks ) for those snacking emergencies.


7.00 PM This was a super late dinner for me, I prefer to eat early because I hate going to bed with a full stomach as I wake up feeling sick. Because it was so late and I didn’t fancy waiting any longer while I cooked a meal I just opted for a light meal ( usual I would have this for breakfast ).

And there you have it! What I ate Wednesday, which is actually what I ate Monday.


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