Currently // September

Currently // September

I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things I loving at the moment, new and old. Here are some of things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, amazingly they are not all food ( I know I’m shocked too ). Why not drop a comment below and tell me about all the things you are currently loving and doing at the moment.


Reading // Lucie Brownlee, Life after you. I have had this book in my to read pile for almost a year now and just not got round to it, well til now. And I’m only a few pages in and I can already feel my heart breaking. I am an emotional reader, I get lost in a book to the point of confusing it with reality. It is as if I am living the story with the characters and I just know I will be in floods of tears by the end of this beautiful book.


Eating //  I have eaten a ridiculous number of Nandos recently,  I don’t even eat meat when I go! But I do get to spend the evening with my brother for a good old chat. And they have the most incredible chocolate cake I have ever eaten in a restaurant, it’s so moist and yummy that sometimes I have two slices.


Relaxing // I have discovered these buff and butter natural oils, and every evening I enjoy a hour long soak in the tub with my books and it is sheer heaven.


Loving // The blue skies that September has bought with it, have you noticed that the last couple of years September has been the nicest of the summer months, I need to plan my September out better next year because I feel like I’m missing the best of the summer weather at the moment.


Enjoying // Cuddles with Dave, Jamie has been away even more than usual so me and Dave have been enjoying long walks, movie nights and lots of cuddles.


Drinking // lucozade pink lemonade with zero calories, I have a guilty pleasure for lucozade however I stopped drinking it more than a year ago as it has a ridiculous amount of calories in it but not any more and it tastes pretty much the same. Although I’m going to be good and limit myself to just one bottle a week.


Baking // With the return of the great British bake off my kitchen has become a hive of yummy activity. I am baking everything from biscuits to bread, crumble to cake and most importantly I am really enjoying eating them.


Feeling // Emotionally drained at the moment but slowly getting better with the help of friends and family.


Watching // There is only one tv show at the moment that has the nation hooked and that of course is The great British bake off, it is also one of the two hours of tv I watch a week ( the other is Victoria, which I am equally loving ). I absolutely love Val a very big part of me wants her to win purely because her cakes talk to her, she is an absolute sweetheart. And with every year I age I find Paul Hollywood more and more attractive, but keep that a secret.


Wearing // My new gorgeous watch, I’m in love but it’s top secret for now! Keep an eye out for a blog post on this little beauty coming in a few day.


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