Small happy little moments

Small happy little moments

What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner. ~Colette

Usually I write a round up of my happy moments at the end of each month but have been thinking “why wait to the end of the month!” I mean I’m always telling you not to wait for the big moments embrace the small happy moments that make your world happy. Usually these are the moments we overlook because they aren’t a fancy holiday, job promotion or a new car but they are the moments that shape our lives, they are the moments that make us smile. So here are some of the moments from last week that made me smile.


Like most of the nation I am obsessed with The great British bake off!! I mean obsessed, each week I have been making one of the challenges because baking makes me almost as happy as eating them. Last week I made Viennese whirls which were delicious although my kitchen looked like a flour bomb went off after I had finished. Dave loves helping me bake, by helping I mean he Hoover’s up anything I drop, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it! That evening me and Jamie curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a couple of whirls and got comfy to watch Victoria, the most perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.


I’m pretty sure I spend far too much money on my nails but I just love having them done and after my cake addiction I don’t really spend a lot of money on myself ( well that’s how I try to justify it ). It feels like a little treat to myself once a fortnight and gives me a full two hours being phone free. The last couple of times I’ve been there, there have been so many wonderful women which meant lots of giggling, smudges of nails and tuts as the polish has to be reapplied.


My mid week bingo session with the girls breaks up the week and adds lots and lots of laughter to a boring work week. I am yet to win a penny but spending time with friends is something that I absolutely adore specially at the moment when I am so incredibly busy and don’t get to see them half as much as I would like. But I know they love me and are supportive of my dreams and goals. But seriously can you all keep your fingers crossed for me because I really want to win something, anything!


Morning runs with my favourite chap help me jump out of bed in the mornings and attack the day with positivity because once I’ve done some exercise I feel amazing and when I run with Dave I know I’m improving his health too.


A cheeky afternoon ice cream, enough said! Ice cream makes everything better, EVERYTHING!!!!


Enjoying a self care session is just what the doctor ordered last week, I had been so emotionally drained that closing the bathroom door for a hour long soak was my idea of absolute heaven.


My beautiful baby girl Thumper jumper, I have two bunny rabbits and they hate people and its impossible to play with them, which is ok if that’s what they want but now and again they enjoy a little love ( it’s very rare ) they are nearly a year old now and have doubled in size and despite the fact they don’t like me much I absolutely adore them. Last week Thumper jumper wanted a little love and it melted my heart.


The sheer excitement I have for Halloween is ridiculous! After Christmas, Halloween is my favourite holiday in fact I like to keep the celebrations going from the start of October til the start of January. And I have started super early this year, I’m so excited that the shops have already starting selling Halloween goodies which means by the time 31st October rolls round I will have absolutely everything I need and more.

What happy little moments make your world happy?!


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