What I ate Wednesday // 003

What I ate Wednesday // 003

As always I’m sharing what I ate on Monday as its my only day off work and my most varied of days. Jamie was working and I had so many jobs to do and catching up on blog post. I spent my morning running around doing boring adult jobs and my afternoon at home blogging, my what I ate posts have been spent eating a lot at home, this is changing for the next few weeks because I have lost of days out planned, although I’m pretty sure I will try and do lots of food prep to keep me on track.

08.00 AM // I had porridge made with almond milk, banana, berries and flex seed, I have become obsessed with porridge later, who knows how much of it I will eat once winter comes, I’m already guilty of having it a couple of times a day already. I also had a big glass of water with raspberries in, I am terrible at drinking water, it just bores me so much that I just don’t drink it but I’m trying to make more of a effort to drink at least two litres a day.


AM // I had such a busy morning planned that I knew getting healthy food would be difficult so I chopped up a pineapple for a handy snack. Pineapple has to be my favourite fruit, it’s super sweet which allows me to trick my brain into thinking it’s had a sweet treat, like a slice of cake when in reality I ate lots of goodness. And according to the NHS website this pot of pineapple is all five of my five day.


02.00 PM // This is possibly my favourite meal ever, plum, beetroot and feta salad! I could eat it all day every day.


06.00 PM // Recently I have really been craving comfort food, I don’t know if it’s cause the change of weather or because I have lost some motivation but I just want to curl up with a big plate of comforting food. I have been careful to watch how much I eat because comfort food tends to be higher in calories and carbs. I went for sweet potato wedges, low salt and sugar baked beans and two boiled eggs, comforting and less than 500 calories, the perfect combination.


07.00 PM // I had a banana pop for a little after dinner treat, you can see how I made these yummy treats on yesterday’s blog post, amazingly they were so quick and easy to make and will definitely be going on next weeks meal plan.

And there you have it, what I ate Wednesday which is actually what I ate Monday, I hope it has given you a couple of new ideas.


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