August favourites

August favourites

I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favourite products in August. Some of these are really old but I am only just discovering them which make them shiny and new to me. Here are some of things I have been utterly obsessed with in August. One thing I thought I would never ever say is there is actually more beauty products in my favourites than food ( I know, I’m shocked to )!


I received a thank you box at the start of August for a project I worked on which was full of beautiful products including this Rose geranium patchouli wash block by Nathalie bond organics. Now and again I suffer with out breaks of eczema ( normally when I’m ill or stressed ) and during this times most bath and shower products irritate my skin and I’m always looking for alternative proudest which I have found in this soap, gentle on my skin and smells good enough to eat ( I compare everything to what I want to eat ). It’s safe to stay that I will be ordering lots more of their products.


The natural candle company, vintage blossom soy candle, I have become obsessed with filling my bedroom with candles, I think I’m getting ready for winter and early nights with a good book.


Bee good, honey and crambe daily hand cream may just become my new winter hand cream, of all the creams, hand cream is definitely my favourite and one I never leave the house without. In fact every one of my handbags has a hand cream in already. I kind of love the fact that it is made in Britain by British bees ( now picturing a bee in a hair net ).


Kadalys hydramuse comforting cream a lush banana and mango face cream that I have been using before bed. It feels amazing on your face without feeling to heavy perfect for these warmer summer nights.


Zoella bath latte sweet almond, cocoa and honey, I am such a Zoella fan girl and buy all her beauty products, partly because I am like a 12 year old girl and partly because the products are truly wonderful with a great price tag.


I may be the last person in the whole wide world to know that Batiste did a hairspray, obviously I knew they did dry shampoo ( I don’t live under a rock ). I received this in my August edition of My little box and have already used a bottle experimenting with new styles ( I’m definitely getting more confident with the way I look, and am loving trying out new looks too ).


Last month I was lucky enough to win a beauty competition on instagram from one of my favourite instagrammers with some yves saint Laurent products in it. I am obsessed with their products and they are usually my pay day treat. It’s hard to pick my favourite but I went for Parisienne shower gel because it smells like heaven in a way I can’t describe, nothing beats a candle lit bath with Yves saint Laurent products.


The second product in my favourites list that came from my competition win is Soap and glory sugar crush body butter. Now usually I don’t buy soap and glory products because I actually don’t like the packaging but I may rethink that now as I have found this body butter really lovely to use and smells delicious the perfect smell to make summer last that little longer.


After watching Candice in the Great British bake off my lips have been screaming out to be as bold as hers, so I have been wearing probably my favourite ever lipstick, Maybellines Matt lipstick in magnetic magenta. It has got me super excited for Autumn lip colours as I’m feeling much more confident with make up now.


While we were on holiday in Wales me and Jamie visited a few of the RNLI lifeboat stations and spoke to some of their wonderful volunteers, I always feel like it’s one of those services we take for granted but without it out shores wouldn’t be half as safe. Because it is a charity we try and buy holiday presents for our family members in their little gift shops as a way to give back. As well as buying presents we usually buy lots of sweets and chocolate from them for ourselves, with my favourite being these mixed fruit drops.


Anyone who grew up in the eighties will know that if you had a viennetta after a Sunday dinner then you were considered posh, I pretty sure that the advert was it being pulled out of the freezer at a dinner party. If you have never eaten one you need to go find one and try it, I hadn’t had one since c1989 but while I had toothache I was eating a ridiculous amount of ice cream so when my local shop ran out of Ben and Jerrys I turned to a viennetta hidden at the back of the freezer and have eaten two a week since. Viennetta should definitely make a come back because it is so yummy, I just need them to make a strawberry one.


Although wini eggs are the laziest rebranding of a popular product I have ever seen, I really don’t care because I love mini eggs and they should be sold all year round. I have probably eaten more this last month then during Easter and have to admit I have a whole cupboard full right now to keep me going over winter.

What have you been loving through August?


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