What I ate Wednesday // 002

What I ate Wednesday // 002

As always I’m sharing what I ate on Monday as its my only day off work and my most varied of days. With it being a bank holiday I decided to stay in bed with Jamie and Dave and read the papers, I spent some time in the gym and the afternoon enjoying the sunshine with my boys. With Jamie having the day off work my Monday was a lot different than usual and my food was a little naughty but definitely yummy. Although I try to eat healthy most of the time, there are times when I just eat what I want and this Monday I ate what I wanted.

08.45 AM // This was an extremely late breakfast for me but because I planned on a later gym session than normal I was fine with eating later then normal. I had porridge made with almond milk, banana, berries and flex seed, I have become obsessed with porridge later, who knows how much of it I will eat once winter comes, I’m already guilty of having it a couple of times a day already.


02.00 PM // I spent three hours in the gym which was a little longer than I had expected and I wanted to spend the afternoon out with Jamie so didn’t have time to grab any lunch instead I opted for the most delicious ice cream. I had one scoop of raspberry pavlova and one scoop of rhubarb and custard which, not the healthiest of foods but definitely the yummiest of foods.


03.30 PM // After some pretty intense shopping we stopped for a pot of tea at my favourite little tea shop, Ginger and pickles in Nantwich. I’m so British when it comes to tea and I don’t need an excuse to stop for a good cup of tea.


04.00 PM // After four cups of tea I realised I was actually pretty hungry so decided to order some food. Now some of you are about to be pretty disgusted and some of you are going to be amazed, I ordered a black pudding, blue cheese and chutney sandwich. I wanted wholemeal bread but unfortunately they only had white left. What I love about Ginger and pickles is that they only use locally produced products so not only is the food incredibly delicious but you are also supporting local businesses.


08.00 PM Me and Jamie settled down to watch Victoria, Jamie opted for a big bag of biscuits and I decided on banana chips which are one of my favourite snacks and something I discovered when I was vegan, you can usually find a bag of them in my handbag.

And there you have it, what I ate Wednesday which is actually what I ate Monday, I hope it has given you a couple of new ideas.


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