Fitness// 027


Im back, well kind of!! I feel amazing and so much better, my mouth has stopped hurting and the infection has cleared up and I haven’t taken a single painkiller in a week now. My clean eating is back on track and I got my butt back in the gym. I’m hoping next week will be even better but I’m more than happy with this week.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


I was so incredibly excited to be back in the gym, I can’t tell you how much I have missed going, it’s like not seeing your best friend for weeks. I am feeling so much better and I would say back to normal health although I couldn’t manage my normal fitness routine, after my session back I slept for nine hours and woke so sore like it had been my first ever gym session, although that sore feeling is rather addictive. I would say I did about 50% of my old routine, I could have pushed harder but wanted to ease myself in because I didn’t want to hurt myself. I have discovered I can no longer do spin as it puts too much pressure on my right knee and leaves it rather swollen although grit doesn’t bother it in the slightest.


Over the last week I have been spending all my free time with one of my closet friends and her two kids at a soft play playground which is a perfect excuse to be a giant kid for a few hours. Running around after two kids while climbing around a soft play area is definitely a workout I was sweating so much and definitely more fun than the gym.

Glorious food!


So this week my diet has been even better than last week, meal planning and prepping definitely works for me and means that I can’t accidentally eat a whole cake or tea. Now that I’m feeling much better I have stopped wanting so much sugar and I don’t want any meat again. My body definitely feels better for eating healthy again, my energy levels are back up and I’m not falling asleep every time I sit down. The one think I have been craving tho is porridge, there is something so comforting about porridge it just warms me up from the inside out and reminds me of cosy winter morning’s.


In the last week I have only had one piece of cake and one ice cream which is a record for me, I really have been trying my hardest to get back on track again, although I will never give up cake or ice cream because life really is too short to skip dessert.


Goals for next week!

1. Try a gym class everyday.
2. Try a new fruit or vegetable.
3. Drink more water.
4. Try a new gym class.


Those glorious feelings!

This week I almost felt amazing, I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be back at the gym and working back to my old fitness levels. Over the next few days I have a ridiculous number of meals out but I have looked at all the menus and am going to make good choices and I’m hoping to have a few more gym sessions now I’m feeling a hundred percent better so hopefully next week will be even more positive then this week. The main reason I started writing weekly blog posts about my fitness journey as to show that it’s not always easy to get fit and healthy, sometimes you can’t stick to it or you just have a bad week and that’s ok.



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