What I ate Wednesday // 001


The first of my what I ate Wednesday posts, if you missed my last what I ate post you won’t know this, I will be documenting what I eat on a Monday, at the moment Mondays are my only day off from work and therefore my most varied day when it comes to food. So let’s get on with is post, this is what I ate on Monday.

5.30 AM // 9 bar super seeds, apricot and strawberry breakfast boost. So Monday was my first proper training day back at the gym after four weeks off because of my teeth. Usually I have a banana before the gym but Jamie ate my last one and I hadn’t done my food shop so I raided my snack box and found this yummy bar. Which actually turned out to be a pretty good pre workout snack.


08:30 // Porridge made with almond milk, raspberries, strawberries, raisins and flex seed. Just recently I have been really craving porridge, there is something seriously comforting about porridge, plus I’m already excited for winter. I mainly tend to use frozen berries because they are so much cheaper than fresh but just as yummy. I always make my porridge with almond milk because I think it makes it seem much more creamy.


11:00 AM Blueberry soya yoghurt and strawberries, I spent Monday at home this week working on my blog with just a couple of quick trips to the shops so eating healthy was much easier than if I had to spend the day away from home. I am going through a stage of eating so much yoghurt, I always eat soya yoghurt because I personally think it tastes better and its a great sweet alternative to cake or chocolate. And while strawberries are in season I am making the most out of fresh ones.


01:00 PM Sweet potato and butternut squash soup with a poppy seed roll, o my lunch was a little lazy but it was quick and warm and I love soup. I don’t eat butter or margarine so my roll was dry, I love carbs there is no diet in the world that would make me give up bread.


03:00PM Naked apple pie bar, despite my absolute hate of cinnamon I am absolutely addicted to these naked bars they are so yummy and a great quick snack. Perfect for your bag and a great snack when you are our and about.


05.00PM Sweet potato wedges, salad with beetroot and goats cheese, my day was a little bit backwards I never normally have dinner as my largest meal, usually it is my smallest one. But I really fancied some sweet potato wedges with lots and lots of pepper. It was so yummy I ate  it two nights on the run.


08:00PM Strawberries and Nutella, by 8pm I was curled up with a book craving chocolate so badly that I treated myself to some Nutella and strawberries which was absolutely delicious. Because I eat mainly a plant based diet I am very aware of calories and needing to eat more food to make sure I have a good calorie intake and Nutella was a yummy way of making sure I ate enough.

And there you have it, what I ate Wednesday which is actually what I ate Monday, I hope it has given you a couple of new ideas.


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  1. lifeasunusuals
    August 26, 2016 / 10:22 am

    I love Nakd bars, they are such a great little snack!

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