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The question I get asked the most is ” what do you eat” by now I think most of you know that in the last 18 months I have lost 7st ( 98lbs ), I also get asked a lot of I just don’t eat, well believe me I eat, I eat a lot but try my hardest to have a healthy well balanced diet. I have decided to share a what I ate post every Wednesday ( I know it’s sunday today, the next post will be Wednesday ) I will be documenting what I eat on a Monday, at the moment Mondays are my only day off from work and therefore my most varied day when it comes to food. So let’s get on with is post, this is what I ate on Monday.


7.00 Am // Due to my teeth problems I have not been able to workout so have been enjoying a lay in, I woke at 7.00 Am and the first thing I did was drink a litre of water and eat two bananas before taking Dave on a long walk. Water is my biggest downfall, I have to try so hard to make sure I drink enough, I really don’t drink much of anything and can go full days without drinking anything which is one of my worst habits.


9.00AM // I had left over vegetables from my Sunday dinner so decided to use them in my breakfast, I try and eat vegetables at every meal to make sure I get enough goodness in my diet. As well as my vegetables which I just warmed up I had one piece of whole grain seeded toast with 30g of avocado and one egg, I don’t count calories but I do watch my portion sizes as its so easy to eat too much.


10.30AM // I spent most of Monday working on my blog from home so eating healthy food was much easier to do then if I spent a day away from home. My first snack of the day was a small bowl of cherry tomatoes and strawberries, an easy snack to pick out while I was working away.


1.00 AM // Earlier in the week I posted a summer salad blog post which I photographed on Monday and gave me lots of yummy food to eat during the day including this blue cheese and strawberry salad. For the full recipe check out the post here .


Afternoon // During the afternoon I had to go into town, pay some bills and pick up some bits general boring adulting. Because I knew walking post cake shops and bakeries would make me hungry I put a fruit & nut mix and some wasabi peas into a tub and slipped them in my handbag as a perfect snack for those weak moments. I always weigh out nuts as they are extremely high in calories and fat ( good fat but still fat ) and they are just so easy to eat a big bag full.


5.00PM // I ate dinner pretty early as I had a 6.00PM yoga class, this was another salad I photographed for the summer salad post and is a peach, asparagus and halloumi salad.


9.00PM // After yoga I was absolutely starving so had a blueberry soya yoghurt and strawberries which was delicious. I eat soya yoghurt because I prefer the test of it to normal yoghurt.

And there you have it everything I ate on Monday, I also drank four cups of coffee and another litre of water during yoga.


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  1. lifeasunusuals
    August 22, 2016 / 8:34 am

    I love all the colours here! Although, I do miss the sight of potatoes haha 🙂

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