Castle & More ice cream


You super lucky people get two blog posts today mainly because I want to wrap up my holiday posts now, I did mean to have them done by now but I have been poorly sick and trying my hardest to rest as much as possible. The second blog post and the last of my Wales pictures will be up at 5pm tonight so keep your peepers peeled.


One of my absolute favourite Welsh towns is the beautiful Conwy, guarded by its rather impressive castle and hidden behind its walls is a busy little town with a impressive number of ice cream shops. I really want to show you around the castle but unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed, so will have to take you around another time because it’s very pretty and the views are amazing.


Pretty in pink.


Conwy is home to the United kingdom’s smallest house.


And home to some seriously yummy ice cream, that is not only Welsh but is made within the castle walls, I like to think the walls are there to protect the yummy ice cream.


While the boys sat watching the boats in the harbour I decided to go for a little walk along the walls for a better view of the town. I always think it must be so magical to live within the walls and does it mean you can tell people you live in a castle?? I totally would be saying that, although the tourists would drive me nuts.


Can you spot Dave and Jamie in this picture?!


Both regretting forgetting our sunglasses! Despite the sky changing every five seconds, the joys of being near the coast the warm was warm and humid.


I have a weeks holiday in September and am definitely going to return to Conwy for the castle, maybe I will just spend a week touring British castles, I absolutely love our history and love even more the fact that bits of it are still around for us to enjoy.


As the sun went down we headed back with a little stop on the way for some fish and chips before falling asleep yet again in front of the telly of the television all cuddled together.

What is your favourite flavour ice cream?


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