Beach day & birthday


We are finally at the end of my holiday blog posts, I bet you thought we’d never get here and to be fair neither did I! I had planned on doing them all last week unfortunately I have been pretty poorly and lying down on my sofa was about all I could do, luckily for Jamie’s poor ears I’m starting to feel much better ( I’m like a child when I’m ill, I was even getting sick of listening to me moan! ). I wasn’t planning on blogging the last couple of days but decided I wanted to share our pictures I have put the last days into this one post, so grab some ice cream and get comfy.


Although Dave looks terrified, every morning he would climb into bed with us wanting cuddles, he loves it really he’s just acting cool for the cameras.


Still looking like a homeless person ( if you haven’t read my early holiday blog posts tut tut but you are forgiven, despite suffering awfully with always being cold I was hopeful and packed lots of summer dresses, needless to say I was cold and had to piece together a wardrobe from clothes already in my car, where it turns out I keep half my wardrobe ).


Dave absolutely loves the beach and the sea unfortunately the sea water doesn’t love him and he’s not linked the fact that if he drinks the sea he will be sick. So we try to keep him out of it.


For the second time in the week we headed to the beautiful island of Anglesey, this time we went to Newburgh park and the beautiful and dog friendly Llanddwyn beach.


The face Dave makes when you don’t let him play in the water.


” This stick daddy, this stick! ”


With the sea to one side of you and the beautiful Newburgh forrest to the other side and rolling sand dunes as far as the eye can see, Llanddwyn beach is in my opinion one of the most gorgeous beaches in the UK.


After watching Dave run up and down the beach it gave me a real hunger, a hunger only ice cream could satisfy, naturally.


We walked back to the car and decided to head into Llandudno just in time for some glorious sunshine.


After a week of being tempted by the most glorious of sweet shops, with every kind of sweet you could possibly imagine piled from floor to ceiling. I finally gave in and went in to have a quick look, just a quick look  promise! Twenty minutes later I emerged £10 lighter with the biggest bag of pick a mix you have ever seen ( purely by accident I filled the bag with all my favourites that Jamie doesn’t like ). I had planned on the sweets lasting me a couple of days, unfortunately they didn’t last the hour, best layed plans and all.


I told you the sun came out, the seaside always looks prettier with a blue sky.


We sat on  beach/rocks and chatted away, with the sound of the worst sounding duo I have ever heard singing away in the background. Before our ears explored by the killing of a bangles song we brushed ourselves off and headed back for a cosy night in.


The last day of our holiday just happened to be my birthday, *cough, cough 32 cough and Jamie spoilt me rotten starting with breakfast out and he managed to find me what I wanted all week eggs and salmon. These were the best eggs I have ever eaten, they were so creamy and delicious.


Obviously no birthday would be complete without a birthday ice cream and this was a yummy blueberry cheesecake flavour, tasted a bit like heaven, the Welsh really know how to make amazing blueberry ice cream.


Not only was it my birthday it was also two years since me and Jamie had our first date or as I like to call it the first time I met Dave. Me and Dave had lots of cuddles and kisses.


We went to the top of the great omre to take in some of that fresh sea air, I lasted ten minutes before I thought I was going to freeze to death.


Jamie whisked me back for my next surprise, his mum and dad had come to take me out for a birthday meal. I can’t tell you how touched I was that his parents wanted to spend my birthday with me ( I may have cried a little ) and his mum had found me so many beautiful pieces for blog pictures including  beautiful vintage cottage tea set.


We headed out for dinner in the sunshine, his parents took us to an incredible restaurant, some of the nicest food I have ever eaten. If you find yourself in North Wales you must go to the The Queens head in Glanwydden.


I opted for pork belly, my absolute favourite meal although I only have it on special occasions because it’s a bit naughty but just so tasty, this was incredible and came on a bed of black pudding, in fact it’s the only black pudding I have ever finished.


Despite the fact that I am tee total and was enjoying a glass of lemonade I look so drunk in this picture.


Naturally with it being a special day for me and Jamie’s dad twisting my arm I went for two desserts, it didn’t need much twisting. I had two that I have never tried before, the tall glass was a white chocolate tiramisu and the small pot was a creme brulee, which in the past freaked me out but I decided to get over my creme brulee fear my tucking into one with a big spoon.


Dave does enjoy an after dinner conversation.


For my final surprise of the day Jamie made me stay up late because we had to go somewhere at 11.30pm, he had only gone and pre ordered me the new Harry Potter book. Dave was even more excited then me it’s so rare that he’s allowed in shops that when the very nice lady said he could come in he was in heaven.


I love Harry Potter so much in fact as I’m writing this I am having a box set day watching all the film’s. I had the most fabulous birthday, I was truly touched by everyone’s love and I’m already wondering how Jamie will top it next year.

That’s all my holiday posts done now, thank you for sticking with me and my lack of posts recently thankful I’m starting to feel better now and an hoping to be back to normal from now on.


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