Let’s go on a little drive!


I am seriously the most organized person ever, I write lists of lists I need to make and spend hours making sure everything is in its right place ( I’m pretty sure it drives Jamie insane ). My days are timed to the minute and one thing I wanted to do while away was to just kind of go with the flow, have no alarm, no plans and no stress about it, and like meatloaf said two outta three ain’t bad! Seriously it freaked me out, which I think Jamie slightly enjoyed.


We had no plans just jumped in the car and started driving and before we knew it, we were in the sunny town of Porthmadog, this was my first time there but I know lots of people who love it so we parked up and went on the hunt for cake which oddly led us to the train station. We took a seat outside and enjoyed some cake, not the best cake I’ve ever eaten but it did the trick and the view of beautiful steam trains coming into the station made up for it.


We finished our cake just in time to watch a train travel down the main street, I must have looked like a very big five year old, I stood on the edge of the pavement waving like a crazy person to all the passenger ( luckily they waved back or that could have been awkward.


Rocking the ” I completely bought the wrong wardrobe for this weather look “.


Holidaying with a dog means a lot of walking ( a lot of walking ) luckily the weather was kind to us and I can safely say Dave had the best holiday of his little life.




Dave wasn’t the only happy boy, I’m pretty sure Jamie picked holidaying in Snowdonia based on the number of lakes it has. Honestly the man is obsessed and a ridiculous amount of lake knowledge has somehow found a place in my brain ( a ridiculous amount ).





The perfect Welsh view!


After a few hours in porthmadog we decided to have another little drive, although I wasn’t meant to be planning I did have a look at Snowdonia on line before we went away and one thing that I noticed was missing was which towns go well together, l found lots of information about the most popular towns but I would have found it a lot more informative if there was somewhere on line that went into more detail about actual areas ( I know I could use a map, but a map doesn’t tell me anything about the town ) but I have now invested in a map.


I wish I could remember the name of this beach, or even the town we were in but I have a terrible memory maybe that’s way I write so many lists, all I do remember is thinking about how beautiful it was, these pictures don’t do it justice.


Dave was the only one brave enough to get in the water, I’m all about paddling in the sea but even I wasn’t brave enough to get in the North sea.


We ended up running along the beach with Dave for hours, it was so lovely to just be together without any phones or worrying about what we had left to do, we eventually made our way back and the three of us fell asleep curled up together in front of some home improvement program on the television.

Sorry my blog posts have been a little all over the place this week, I have been poorly sick for a couple of weeks and am now feeling much better so fingers crossed I can get back to blogging.


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