Our first holiday!

Our first holiday!

I have gone and done the very thing I swore I would never do, I have gone and got myself a selfie stick ( judge away, I’m still ashamed of myself ). Worse of all I kind of love it, when I remembered I actually had. Bad bit over now for the good bits, me and Jamie have had our first holiday together and Dave’s had his first ever holiday. Me and Jamie decided we wanted to travel around the UK this year and next because despite living here and our little island being so small there is so many places we want to see and never got round too. We have had lots of weekends away but never a whole week away ( I’m not even sure we’ve ever spent a whole week together at home ) this was definitely a test, luckily we didn’t kill each other.


We decided to spend the week in North Wales exploring as much as humanly possible and at the same time get some much needed rest. We based ourselves in the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno, the week was full of beautiful views, lots of ice cream, walking and giggling. The weather was pretty good, always a worry when holidaying in the UK because let’s face it, it’s either raining or raining! I swear I have become one of the those old people who starts every story with……. when I was younger, the summers were so hot you could fry an egg on the pavement everyday for six months or when I was younger you had to walk 15 miles in hip deep snow just to get to school. But seriously remember when we were younger and we would spend the whole summer holidays having water fights with all the kids on the street, we never stopped because it never seemed to rain.


Ok old lady rant over, some of my pictures might seem out of order but seriously one second the sky was bright blue then the next it was cloudy, it was like some kind of sky yo yo. Me and Jamie love Llandudno, we have spent so many happy days there that it was easy to pick it as our base ( plus it’s the only place that has ever tired Dave out ).


We arrived just after lunch two Mondays ago now ( already seems like a lifetime ago ) unpacked our car and decided to make the most of the sunshine and went on the walk in search of ice cream, Jamie thought we were just walking but secretly I was directing us to one of my favourite ice cream parlour’s, but don’t tell him.


I know I say this all the time but I really do have a handsome family, I did try and convince Jamie to let me bring my rabbits on holiday with us but he was having none of it ( looking back, probably a good idea ).


Family picture, only took seven million tries to get one.


Don’t you just love the wind near the north sea.


Eventually we found ice cream, Jamie opted for a Nutella milkshake and I had a summer fruits sundae with caramel waffles, one thing about traveling with a dog is that you have to eat all your meals outside, so we took our seats outfit and just as I had taken the biggest mouthful of ice cream known to man a queue had formed to meet Dave, understandably he is beautiful.


By the end of our first day I had two very sleepy boys, we went back and snuggled together on the sofa while deciding what to do with the rest of our week.


We enjoyed a lay in together ( usually I’m already at the gym by the time Jamie wakes ) before heading to what my friend Sarah told me was the best ice cream in Wales. Now that’s a big claim and I figured there was no one better to decide this but me, after all I must eat eight litres of ice cream a week. So we jumped in the car and headed to the beautiful island of Anglesey and found somewhere a little special.


Welcome to the pretty village of Beaumaris, although Dave doesn’t look impressed with the fresh fish.


I swear every single street was instagram ready, what I learnt about my relationship on the second day was apparently I will never live in a pink house ( new life mission ).


I have something to tell you, Red boat ice cream parlour may actually be the best ice cream in the UK! By far the best ice cream I have ever eaten in wales or up to this point in my life. Jamie agreed he opted for jammie dodger and I had blueberry cheesecake flavour, Its been two weeks since I have eaten it and I still can’t stop thinking about it, in fact I have already planned my next trip. It will take me two and a half hours to get there and it will be worth every single second.


First selfie stick attempt, I think I could be the only person in the whole world who struggled to use one.


This was a little strange but oddly fitted in as if it was normal, now I’m starting to think that every town should have a teddy bear tree.


Kind of getting the hang of this stick thing, kind of!


If only this house was pink, I would be moving straight away..


After walking along the beach for a good hour I finally noticed that the beach was absolutely covered in jellyfish..


So I bought lots of lovely summer dresses unfortunately it was far too windy, so I pretty much spent the entire holiday dressed as a homeless lady in a mismatch of whatever warm clothes I had in my car, have my wardrobe tends to be in my car.


Nothing beats the feel of wind through your fur…… I highly recommend Beaumaris as a fabulous day out and you must decide what colour house you would live in, crab off the end of the pier and eat so much red boat ice cream that your tummy might explode.


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