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This weeks fitness post is actually me talking about the last two weeks as I was away last week and having a little blog break and now I’m back and a lot heavier than when we last spoke fitness!! I have actually been rather ill for the last four to six weeks and I have been trying my best to get on with it but last week I just gave up and rested, after my break and some time to think I’ve decided to sort the problem out and have a hospital appointment this Monday which will hopeful sort my problem and get me off so many painkillers and stop all those awful side effects you get from painkillers. I’m so confident that I will start to feel better that I have booked three personal trainer sessions for next week and get back into it because if I’m honest at the moment I feel absolutely disgusting and uncomfortable.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


Due to what can only be described as over use of pain killers I have been so incredibly tired and constantly feel weak. I have tried my hardest to exercise unfortunately I have spent more time sleeping then exercising, for the first time in my life I have seriously struggled with just getting out of bed. I took lots of gym wear on holiday with me but only managed to workout twice during my break, since I returned home ( six days ago ) I have managed three gym sessions which is massively less then I would normally do. But I’m not ready to give up just yet, I would rather do just a little rather than nothing at all I am hoping by Wednesday I will be well enough to really be back into the swing of things, I’m trying to focus on getting to a good place for Christmas and New year.


Glorious food!


These last two weeks I have eaten so many ice creams I’m pretty sure I’ve started looking like a ice cream. I’m not going to lie I enjoyed every mouthful, unfortunately one of the problems I had in the past was that I was greedy and that is something that is constantly in the back of my mind.


Since I returned from my holiday I have made a real effort with my diet and am back to eating healthy and clean my biggest issue right now is getting my flat stomach back and reducing my sugar intake again. While I’ve been ill it’s made me temporarily feel better by eating crap but now after a couple of weeks of eating sugar and rubbish the effects on my body are anything but good. I feel awful and incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin, as someone who has spent their entire life overweight I worry that I could easily become overweight again and that scares the hell out of me.

Goals for next week!

1. Try some new fruits and vegetables.
2. Try and do five gym sessions.
3. Try a new gym class.
4. Eat less sugar.


Those glorious feelings!

This week the feelings aren’t exactly glorious in fact I feel awful not just in the fact that I haven’t been exercising but also the mental side too. I feel fat and overweight and some of those monsters in my head that tell me I’m fat and disgusting have been back again this week and I am trying my hardest to silence them and just keep moving forward and working towards my dreams. I am extremely excited about moving forward and getting through this bad patch, when I started these posts it was incredibly important to be honest with you I myself have struggled so much in the past and I seriously didn’t want anyone to feel disheartened by their progress because mine looked easy. Nine months on from starting my fitness journey I still have bad patches and doubt whether or not I can do it but I keep going and with so much support from all you wonderful readers I truly believe I will get through this.





  1. August 7, 2016 / 12:37 am

    Goal no. 6 – be kind to yourself. You are trying your best, you have tried your hardest. You are far from fat and you have achieved an incredible amount in just a short nine month period. Please try not to be so hard on yourself, you are doing brilliantly and you look as lovely now as you always once have. I hope you get on ok tomorrow; good luck sweetie. All the best xxxx

  2. Derek
    August 10, 2016 / 11:06 pm

    Hiya Emma,
    So good to see you look and sound so happy, hope all your dreams come true. Really miss you at work and our chats, never give up on your travels and ambitions. We got married in Cuba in March and loving life as much as it sounds that you are.
    Looks like you’ve got a good guy there, take care.
    Love & best wishes, Derek xx

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