Steam and cream

I don’t know what’s more worrying about this post the fact that I got really excited about steam trains or the fact I went on something called steam and cream ( inset childish giggle ). Jamie has some of the loveliest memories of a childhood spent visiting train stations and working on model railways with his grandad so when flicking through a local newspaper and seeing an advert for cream tea and steam train trip I knew it would be an absolute perfect date night.


Before we boarded our train we had a little look around Foxfields train collection, there is something extremely magical about steam trains. Like stepping back in time to men in suits and women in dresses and hats when a train trip was a day out in itself not just a form of transport.


After spending a week in wales eating like an unsupervised child in a sweet shop I definitely felt self conscious wearing a dress, I have put on a light weight and it has left me feeling a little round although Jamie didn’t notice.


We enjoyed Staffordshires countryside while the sound of the steam engine worked hard in the background, we passed fields of cows, farmers working away in the summer sunshine and the occasional lake. Me and Jamie chatted away about how exciting it was and Jamie trying his hardest to steal my scone ( like that was ever going to happen ).


Seriously how happy does Jamie look, he had the biggest grin on his face during the entire trip.


Halfway through the trip we stopped in the middle of the countryside as the train turned around to take us back to the station and allow us to stretch our legs and watch as the engine worked away.


I can’t resist a little peek inside and the chance to warm my legs up.


We had the most perfect date night by the end of it I loved steam trains as much as Jamie does! We have already started looking for more train adventures to go on and of course I will need a new dress for another date night on a steam train. I’m absolutely sure this will become a new love obsession for me, the orient express is definitely on my bucket list.



6 thoughts on “Steam and cream

  1. Ah I love steam engines! We used to go down to a small railway when I was a kid and there was always a steam engine there that you could ride on! It was awesome.

    On of my favourite things to do in the summertime is to go to a steam rally, where they have all sorts of steam powered things. I’m quite partial to the steam powered tractors and things haha!

    ~ K

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