More happy little things in July


“If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that’s enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars. ” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince, 1943, translated from French by Richard Howard.

Part two of all the wonderful little things that made me ridiculously happy in July. You can take a peek at part one here, and remember it only takes one tiny little thing or a special little moment every single day to change your whole world.


Clubbercise is possibly the funniest exercise you will ever do!!! I may have been a bit of a party animal back when I was younger ( what now feels like a hundred years ago ) I would go out Thursday night and return home sometime on Monday morning, I would just spend days and nights dancing. And even now I don’t drink I still go to clubs just to dance, and clubbercise mixes my two favourite things dancing and comfy shoes ( man I am old ). I went with my friend Sarah and danced like a crazy lady for a full hour only stopping once the giggles got hold of me, best of all no hangover!

Earlier in the month I won the most perfect instagram competition, I mean it was a competition to win chocolate, how much more perfect could it get. I absolutely love the lady it come from too she is one of the sweetest women you could ever hope to met over the internet.

I absolutely believe you are what you eat and when I eat healthy I feel healthy and more energetic, when I start my day with a good healthy breakfast it makes the choice for the rest of the day a lot more easier.

I show this cute quote and it instantly made my day a lot happier, it is absolutely all I want from my life.


My dads birthday dinner out was such a lovely evening filled with family and giggling, we ate far too much, laughed a little loud and chatted for hours much to the waiters annoyance. It was one of those nights where memories are made and you remember them for years to come.

Cake, enough said!

Sunshine on the canal, recently me and Jamie ( more Jamie ) have been toying with idea of moving onto a narrow boat and giving up life on land. Which seems like an absolute wonderful idea while the sun is shining although I have my doubts when it comes to a cold snowy winter. But on the upside while he is thinking about it ( trying to convince me ) we have had lots of time together and cute days out, not to mention he is buying me all the ice cream I like to keep me sweet.

So we spent five days straight looking at canals and narrow boats but this picture of Jamie is the evening that stands out to me most to me, which a beautiful night and Jamie was so happy that I couldn’t help but be happy too.


Catching up with my friend Katie over coffee, nothing beats a good gossip with your girlfriends.

Some of the girls at work bought me cake for my birthday before I went off on my holiday and we all know that nothing makes me happier than a piece of cake, expect knowing people that I love know that I love cake too.  Plus I work at my local hospital and they do the most delicious cake, could possibly be some of my favourite cake.

Running clears my head like nothing else, I am able to work out any problems that I’m having or just think about solutions to any nagging issues.  Not to mention it burns off some the cake I eat, it burn off all the cake I eat I would need to run a marathon every single week.

Sometimes I just enjoy being a big kid so when I saw some of the characters from one of my favourite Disney movies I couldn’t help letting out a big scream/sing of let it go and running over to them and asking for a picture ( I have no shame ). I might be 32 but I am definitely still a big Disney kid underneath.


Me, Jamie and Dave went on our first family home to Wales which had me super excited in fact I didn’t sleep the entire night before.

This might be hard to believe but I have never been on a rope swing, well not til last week when we found one on our holiday and I can tell you I have been missing out on some serious fun. I screamed and giggled so much I thought I was going to fall off, Jamie wasn’t much help the more I screamed out of terror the more he pushed me, I thought I would have to jump into the river, eventually I managed to kick Jamie away and slide down the rope.

Our trip to Wales was the most time me and Jamie have ever spent together in one go, usually we just see each other for three or four days before he goes away but I had him for a full nine days ( by day nine I was going a little insane ). It was nice to have some quality time together without having to do a million other things we didn’t even have internet for most of the trip.

I don’t really think there is a bad view in wales, literally every time I turned around I was greeted by another incredible view and each one was a little reminder of how beautiful our little planet is.


I absolutely love the British seaside, it reminds me of being a kid and having days out with papa bear, whenever I’m near the sea I am absolutely at my happiest.

Jamie surprised me on my birthday with a midnight trip to waterstones to pick up the latest Harry Potter book, by far the best birthday surprise I have ever had and to make it even better they let Dave into the shop too.

The perfect end to our family adventure was a cream tea upon a steam train, July has been the most perfect month.

What made you happy in July?



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  1. August 4, 2016 / 1:50 am

    Have you started reading the new harry potter book yet!? It’s been popping up all over my social media and I need to get my hands on it!

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