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I wanted to share a little bit more about my fitness journey with you, if you read my blog regularly you will know that over the last two years I have lost 100lbs by myself for myself. I spent my entire 20s yoyo dieting never actually thinking about my fitness or health merely caring about what size clothes I wore. Well turns out if you look after your health than you naturally lose weight ( in fact I’m smaller than I have ever been ). So I thought I would answer some of the most popular questions I get asked, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


I eat to stay healthy // I eat the rainbow to stay healthy I easily eat ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day and try and make them all different. Food and health is so closely linked, if I eat junk food or just crap food in general I feel absolutely awful, I get tired and my skin gets spotty and dry. However when I eat well and lots of veggies I have lots of energy and feel amazing, since I’ve started eating more fruit and vegetables my eczema has cleared up, the dark circles under my eyes have gone away and my hair has started to grow again.


I always keep in my make up bag // Garnier ultimate blends body restoring lotion, I use this for absolutely everything, EVERYTHING! I use it as a body lotion, make up remover, make up primer, and everything in between. It leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing not to mention that it really keeps my make up in place all day. I have them dotted all over my life I have one in my bedroom, bathroom, car, work desk and handbag well you never know when you will find another use for it. I have tried hundreds of expensive creams and potions but none of them have worked as well for me as this little beauty.

That boosts my energy levels // Recently I have started taking omega 3 and vitamin B tablets mainly because I eat mainly a plant based diet from which I can get nearly all my minerals and vitamins from. However because I eat so little fish and meat I want to make sure I was getting enough omega 3 and B12. What was and still is incredibly important to me was to stop the yoyo dieting and educate myself about food and eating right.


I always have for breakfast // Is eggs, 9/10 I will have eggs in some form for breakfast. Because I workout at 6am every morning it is really important that I eat a big healthy breakfast, in fact breakfast is by far my largest meal of the day. Eggs, avocado and smoked salmon is by far my favourite breakfast meal in fact I could eat it for every meal quite happily. I always eat a lot of eggs and salmon because they are high in protein which is usually what my body needs after a weights training session. I eat the avocado for the healthy fat although I make sure to weigh it and stick to a 30g portion size.


I’ve learnt about diets // Is not to call it a diet and just eat a balanced diet, balance really is key. If I want cake I will have a piece of cake but I will make sure to eat well the rest of the day. In the past I have ” dieted” where I deprived myself of food which lead to the weight loss I wanted but in the end I regained all the weight I lost plus more because once I started eating ” normally ” again I wanted to eat everything I had deprived myself of. Now I just eat what I want in much smaller portions and fewer times a week.


I do to stay healthy // I get my butt outside, I feel much healthier if I have spent some time outside everyday, I think it’s a mix of the fresh area and just getting myself moving in general. My life is so much active now, I used to drive to the shop just around the corner now I think nothing of walking miles and miles. We are so lucky in England to have so many green spaces in our towns and cities there is really no excuse to go for an hours walk and take in some fresh air and get your legs moving.


That helps me destress // Is yoga although I never turn off during it. It took me a really long time to find a yoga teacher I loved, it is an absolute myth that yoga is easy, just sitting there breathing and meditating. Yoga is one of the hardest workouts I do, course you can turn off and mediate. Yoga is about doing what works for you, to me it’s about feeling strong, stretching my body out after weight sessions and learning to stop and breath. I enjoy mediating in private but not during yoga, despite not turning my brain off I still find yoga extremely relaxing.

That makes me feel confident // lifting heavy weights in the gym makes me feel incredible like I could do anything I put my mind too. For me feeling confident isn’t about what I look like but more what I can do, because believe me when I’m lifting weights I look like a big old sweaty mess.


That keeps me in shape // Doing Grit four mornings a week is what keeps me in shape, you don’t necessarily have to be fit to lift weights but you do have to be fit to get through the 30 min Grit workout.

That helps me get out of bed // Just life, I get so excited about my busy days that jumping out of bed every morning at 5am doesn’t bother me. Although I do try and go bed every night at 10pm.


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