Currently // 006

Currently // 006

I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things I loving at the moment, new and old. Here are some of things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, amazingly they are not all food ( I know I’m shocked too ). Why not drop a comment below and tell me about all the things you are currently loving and doing at the moment.


Loving // Tanya bakes, baking book is amazing, I have already baked six recipes from the book and each has been more delicious than the last. I definitely love how easy each recipe is, there isn’t any fancy baking techniques or strange and expensive ingredients. It’s just a book full of easy delicious recipes that anyone can make. The book itself is really beautiful too, it has proud of place among my other baking books and is full of cute tanya stories. It is a perfect addition to anybody’s kitchen just be ready to never stop eating.


Exercising // I have been running a lot recently, about a week ago noticed a tingle in my left knee ( I have always had it but only ever noticed it during yoga ) but during a grit class last week I noticed it. So I have been taking it slightly easier and stopped grit for a week or so in favour of running. I take knee and neck pains very seriously as both could put me out of action for months so best to cut back a bit now to save any injuries. I am also going on holiday today where I will be running everyday so thought I better get my running fitness up.


Wearing // This pretty little gold bangle, which amazingly came in my July edition of my little box. As a rule I never wear gold jewellery, usually opting for silver but I thought it was cute and I have had so many people ask about it. It has definitely made it into my jewellery box and with it being so thin and delicate, it feels a little special.


Enjoying // Finally summer has arrived and not just any summer but a hot summer, the kind of hot that you don’t need to take a coat out with you ” just in case “. I struggle so much with feeling cold that when it does get warm I want to saviour every second outdoors. I need you all to have everything crossed for me because as you read this I’m off on holiday to Wales and am praying for some warm weather.


Thanking // Jamie for surprising me with these beautiful new running trainers. Jamie rarely gets me flowers, jewellery or your normal romantic gifts instead he surprises me with weights, protein powder and new trainers. These are the way to my healthy little heart, I never asked for these or even mentioned that I needed new trainers he just wanted to do something sweet for me.


Smelling // Yves Rocher coconut spray is another little gem from my July my little box, box. Smells like summer and leaves me smelling like a Caribbean holiday all day.


Playing // Bingo! I played bingo for the first time ever in the last week and I am already hooked, despite having awful luck. Through each game I was stressed, worried I might win and having to shout out, not that I needed to be stressed as I won nothing in fact I didn’t even come close. And despite not winning bingo has already been pencilled in my diary as a weekly date.


Eating // One of my favourite things about summer is strawberries, beautiful fresh local strawberries. I love British strawberries when they are in season, in fact I try and eat a year’s worth in three months.


Watching // I have become obsessed with watching the sacconejolys on YouTube, like obsessed. I love vlogs they are everything I love about reality tv without all the drama, just a way to look into other people’s lives. And this gorgeous YouTube family is definitely worth a watch, you will be hooked.


Considering // Living on narrow boat, if you think I have lost my marbles you can read more about this little canal adventure here.


Drinking // Coffee, I go through stages of drinking coffee, I love it but I don’t drink it every day and I don’t need it first thing in the morning. But recently I have been having several cups a day although I try and stay away from milky ones such as cappuccinos and lattes and opt for black coffee or flat whites as I think they are just wasted calories.



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