Breakfast date & canal boats


Possibly my favourite thing in the world to do with Jamie is go on a breakfast date, after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day. From the start of our relationship we have always favoured going out for breakfast over going out to dinner, in fact we try a find a new breakfast spot every week and enjoy a morning of food, chat and giggles followed by a long walk hand in hand.



Sun’s out, legs out!


This week we found a little Italian breakfast spot in Sandbach, Cheshire with the best coffee I have had in a long time.


With summer now in full swing ( fingers crossed its here for a while ) we took a sit outside and people watched as they went about their daily life. I struggle so much with the cold that I probably only sit out to eat four or five times a year and I always need to have a cardigan with me.


I went for a Italian take on eggs Benedict which was yummy and much lighter than any I have had in the past, the hollandaise sauce was not a thick or creamy as normal, it was more like a vinaigrette.


Jamie went for eggs and Parma ham. Naturally a breakfast date wouldn’t be right without cake, one of the best parts of being an adult is having cake for breakfast and cake is personally my favourite breakfast food. With my little nose pressed against the glass display I slowly narrowed the cakes down to two pieces, not wanting to upset myself by having to make such a hard decision I opted for a slice of each, which was the best idea I had all day.


The first slice I opted for was a Italian cranberry and white chocolate tart which was incredible and my favourite of the two. It also ensured this cute little eatery a permanent spot of my places to eat. And it was as delicious as any cake I have eaten in Italy, certainly not a sweet as an English tart but definitely more yummy.


Not wanting to fill up on the first slice I let Jamie have some ( sharing is caring ).


The second slice was a coffee and chocolate tart which was extremely sweet but not sickly, I was slightly worried that it might have been bitter but it most certainly wasn’t. Jamie managed to trick me and steal the slice off me when I wasn’t looking.


If you follow me on social media then you might have noticed my feed has been full of narrow boats and canal pictures, this is because Jamie wants to give up life on land and start a new one on the beautiful British canal system. I on the other hand is being slightly more practical and spending some time thinking about it, but I am thinking about it. With our bellies extremely full we headed off in search of our new home, maybe.


I can definitely see some wonderful positives to living on the water, although I don’t have the same urges as Jamie to be so close to nature all of the time. But when the sun is shining and the air is warm it is definitely appealing.


We meet some of the friendliest people I have ever experienced, enjoying a slower pace of life. Everyone we spoke to was more than eager to tell us how wonderful living on a narrow boat is and all the wonderful adventures they had been on. They even showed us how to use the locks and let us have a little go ( although none of them spoke about winter on the boats ).


We spent absolutely hours looking at narrow boats and wandering around different marinas imaging how our lives would change, weighing up the pros and cons. I was the cons and Jamie was the pros ( naturally ). We almost didn’t notice that dusk was setting down upon us, time really doesn’t exist in this world. We lay in the grass watching the carp bosh in the water while Dave chased butterflies.


Can’t you just imagine Dave being a captain stood at the end of the boat with his tail wagging leading the way along the open canals, jumping off to cool down and greet people as they walked past our floating home.


How handsome are the men in my life?! Honestly I pinch myself every day that these two are my family.


When your evenings could be this beautiful it definitely makes me want to move straight away, don’t tell Jamie but the idea is definitely growing on me.



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