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This week has been the first full week that I have felt fully like myself again, although I am suffering a lot with exhaustion at the minute. But for the first time in a couple of months I am not struggling with my diet, it seems that by starting this summer fitness challenge a switch has been flicked in my brain and I am once again fully dedicated to my diet and eating habits. There has been a few sweet treats this week but I have been working extremely hard in the gym and finally started running again. Although I am away on holiday next week and I am slightly worried I will undo all my hard work and I will end up back at square one.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


This week I have started to feel stronger and fitter than ever, although on Wednesday my body just have up and I was focused to rest luckily a early night sorted me out and I was back in the gym the next day, I always listen to what my body needs and if it needs rest then I rest, without feeling guilty. Even tho I go through ups and downs with exercise the downs aren’t really that bad as in a down week I still go the gym four times a week. Before I started my fitness journey I wouldn’t have worked out four times in a week, now four times is a bad week. I’m a lot less worried about exercising on holiday than my diet because I know I will run everyday and just be active in general.


I started doing spin again this week although I don’t think it will be something I continue on a daily basis because I don’t like the way it makes my body look, I much prefer running as I feel it makes me look leaner. Although it is a great workout maybe once a week as a change.


I am a very lucky girlie, Jamie rarely buys me jewellery or flowers instead he buys me trainers and protein powder which is definitely the way to my heart. How cute are these grey and pink adidas running trainers?!

Glorious food!


When it comes to food I never deprive myself, if I want cake I have cake and I don’t feel guilty about it either, no food is a ” sin ” nor should be treated as a treat, I’m not a dog I don’t need treats. I have stopped weighing myself in favour of just going by how my clothes feel, if they feel a little tighter than normal than I make small diet adjustments. I have an appointment in six weeks to see a surgeon and it is incredibly important I don’t lose anymore weight as I am 3lbs away from being underweight according to the BMI scale. Not only do I have to maintain my weight but after several doctors and hospital appointments after my period disappeared it seems that my body doesn’t like being under 15% body fat do I am now trying to maintain it between 15-20%. Because I don’t want to cut down my exercise because I love being active and doing sport I have had to dramatically up my calorie intake.


My cheat day involved chips and meat, two very odd choices for me. I only eat meat once a month, strange I know but just once a month I really crave it and I always listen to what I want. The chips were extremely shocking to me, I don’t think I have eaten chips in nine months usually I just have sweet potato or males chips. But during cheat day I really wanted some extra salty fries and I enjoyed every single one. Naturally I had dessert which was ice cream, strawberries and hot waffles.


Goals for next week!


1. Don’t be greedy, just because I’m on holiday doesn’t mean I have to eat everything in sight!!
2. Run every day! 
3. Don’t miss out on holiday fun!
4. Club to the top Snowdon.


Those glorious feelings!

I am feeling extremely positive about this last week and extremely worried about next week but I’m trying my hardest to stay positive. I am hoping that next week I am so active that I wouldn’t want to eat crap ( fingers crossed ). This week I have noticed that I am not getting nearly enough rest, I am truly struggling with tiredness which has left me really extremely run down and ill. Moving forward I have to make a real effort with my bed time and go bed a lot earlier, I don’t need to go out every night, I have to listen to my body and know my limits. I have loved running outside again, hopefully summer is here for a little longer and I will get out more now. Wish me luck for next week I am definitely going to need it.



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