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A couple of weeks ago I entered a instagram competition to win some American candy from one of my favourite accounts Pink_butterfly49 is the sweetest lady ever! Fast forward a week and I won a box of absolute goodness, now you know that me and Jamie have the sweetest of tooths and thought we would share our opinions of American candy with you.


As well as candy she throw in some extra little goodies which I absolutely love, a London scarf which I absolutely love it reminds me so much of my little trip to London last month and this cute little sign. Homemade and baked with love is now hanging in my kitchen above all my favourite baking books.


Me and Jamie wrestled for about 30 minutes over these cracker jacks, holiday sugar cookie popcorn pieces. Naturally having four inches meant that I won, while Jamie was down and hurt I leapt up grabbed the popcorn and ran for dear life eventually hiding in the bedroom eating it was fast as I could before he found me, which he eventually did and I let him finish the crumbs.


When I opened the box in secret I saw these little bad boys and hid them from Jamie ( don’t worry I let him have a couple from the bottom ). I thought these were going to be my favourite but the popcorn keeps t it’s crown however these were a very close second.


Over the years I have tried lots and lots of American chocolate in search of a nice tasting chocolate ( sorry to any Americans reading this but it tastes so odd compared to English chocolate ). These Yahoo candy bars ( the fact you call them candy bars is completely alien to me ) are actually the nicest American chocolate I have ever tried, perfect for dunking into a cup of hot English tea.


I finally let Jamie eat something in the shape of Jelly beans which were pancake and maple syrup flavour, don’t worry I’m not going soft I just don’t like Jelly beans the texture freaks me the hell out. I don’t get them, they start off hard then are like Jelly in the middle like I said freaky. He absolutely loved them ( oh I don’t like maple syrup either ) and ate them with a silly grin on his face as he ate every single one of them in front of me.


After eating so many very sweet treats something that resembled a healthy snack was just what I needed. I have never heard of these before but it was so yummy, I absolutely love anything with nuts in ( does a little childish giggle ).


Let’s face it I was going to love anything with Dory on!


The final treat we tested were cinnamon bun oreos, well Jamie tasted as I think cinnamon is the devils spice. But these little devil spiced cookies were Jamie’s absolute favourite treat in our happy mail.


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  1. July 24, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    I absolutely loved the package, you are the sweetest woman and I’m so glad I kinda met you xx

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