What I eat in a day // Cheat day


Every week I write a daily blog post on how my fitness journey is coming along and I touch on what food I’ve eaten over the week but never really talked in too much detail about it so I thought its about time I changed that. I feel like it’s so important to let you know that what works for me and my body might not necessarily work for anyone else on the planet, also my needs and diet changes a lot daily depending on how much exercise I’m doing, my monthly cycle and just life in general.

Because my routine changes so much at the moment I will be doing what I eat in a day once a month at different stages and days of the month. This is what I ate on Sunday, I was off work and have just about to start  my monthly cycle. I did a 30 min Grit class, run 10k in the morning, it was also my dad’s birthday and we had arranged to go out for a family meal so decided that it would be perfect day for my cheat day. I never have a full cheat day, instead I just opt for one cheat meal and that is more than enough for me.

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I woke at 5am to get ready for a 6am gym session and whenever I do this I start my day with a very large milky coffee and two bananas for energy. It took me a long time to get used to eating as soon as I had woken up but now I automatically go straight to the bananas now.


08.30 AM As a rule I have eggs for breakfast because they are so yummy and full of protein but with it being so hot at the moment I just couldn’t bring myself to eat them so instead I had granola, strawberries and soya yoghurt which was just as yummy.


11.00 AM I snack on a lot of fruit, it’s so tasty and sweet. I probably eat far too much fruit but it’s better than eating chocolate or crisps.


01.00 PM Because I knew I was going out for dinner in the evening I decided to have a much lighter lunch than usual. I love avocados and I know they are full of good fats but they are also very high in calories and fat is still fat so I always only eat a portions worth which I’ve worked out to be 30g which is more than enough for 2 slices of toast.


03.00 PM I always weigh nuts out because they are so high in calories and so easy to eat a large amount of, I don’t count calories but I do make myself aware of them and aware of portion sizes as the amount of what I ate was the reason I became overweight.


05.30 PM I usually have my dinner at this time so I became a little hungry and decided to have an extra little snack of whole grain popcorn, it’s only in the last few months that I actually started liking popcorn, now I’m a lot obsessed with it.


07.00 PM I would normally never eat a full meal after 6pm especially such a big meal but since it was a family meal I didn’t have much of a choice. The only time I ever eat meat is three days before my cycle starts and usually I just eat in once and don’t want it again until the following month, in fact I can’t stand the taste of meat any other time of the month. I didn’t eat the bun not because of the carbs but because I just don’t like a lot of bread anymore. Cheat day most definitely wouldn’t be  cheat day without a dessert so I had ice cream and warm waffles with lots of strawberries, I can’t tell you how uncomfortably full I was after eating, it made me feel so sick I definitely learnt a cheat day rule here, just because you can eat it doesn’t mean you should.


All this food has made me hungry again! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day as much as I did eating it!




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