Dino DNA


When my dad rang me last week and told me he was going to make all my childhood dreams come true, I had to tell him I couldn’t marry David Duchovny because I love Jamie, so David would just have to get over me. After my dad stopped laughing he told me he was going to make my second childhood dream come true. All of a sudden the theme tune to Jurassic park started playing in my head and I asked my dad if he’d actually lost his marbles.


He tried to convince me he was completely sane ( already questionable ) and to be ready in 30 minutes because we were going to see some dinosaurs. An hour later we pulled up outside Chester zoo and at this point I was in no doubt that he was an absolute raving crazy man, still convinced he was of sound body and mind we headed off in search of dinosaurs.


Wasn’t long til I kinda found one! Excuse the hundreds of layers I have on, I bought so many cute summer outfits last month and so far this summer I have managed to wear none of them. I seriously feel the cold so badly that I have to have a hot bath daily to warm up and in the middle of July I’m having to wear a thermal top under my clothes.


I FOUND DINOSAURS! ACTUAL DINOSAURS! Moving talking dinosaurs, I might have actually turned back into a five year old as I screamed so loud and ran right up to them, staring with my mouth open.


If you can visit Chester zoo over the summer do so the dinosaurs are really worth the trip! You can read more about them here and plan your very own dinosaur adventure.


I want to tell you everything about them but at the same time I don’t want to spoil it for you. So I decided to keep my lips sealed and just share a few of my pictures with you because it really is something you should experience especially if you have children.


A woolly hat and thermal top in the middle of July, hurry up summer!!



King of the swingers



Every time I see a snake I talk to it, living in absolute hope that I can speak parseltongue and my letter to Hogwarts got lost in the post but as soon I do magic they will come and find me ( I really actually do this ).

I had such a wonderful day with my papa bear he spoilt me rotten and listened to me ranting on about everything and nothing. I am truly a very lucky girl who will be forever a daddies girl.



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  1. July 16, 2016 / 11:12 am

    Oh Emma… You really do live in a happy little world and brighten my day. Love,love, love this post. And will put this visit on my calendar for the school hols.. My grandsons will really enjoy this xx

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