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What a week! I have gone from being a human dustbin eating everything in sight to eating a controlled healthy clean diet all thanks to setting myself a summer fitness challenge ( if you missed last weeks fitness post and the start of the challenge you can catch up here ). It turns out setting myself new goals and having such support from so many of you beautiful readers was just the boost I needed to get back on track. I’m not going to lie to you , I didn’t just wake up on day one and start of strong it definitely was not that easy. I have had several false starts and a couple of meltdowns.

My fitness week is Friday through to Thursday ( mainly so I can’t fail at the weekend ) and during this first week it was Tuesday before I managed a full day without anything sweet. It has been so hard trying to cut down the amount of sugar I was eating, I have had at least eight conversations with myself about staying strong seven days in and I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


My diet might not have been perfect this week but my exercise routine has been pretty close. I started my week by writing out a exercise plan to stick to and I did everything on the plan. The plan wasn’t as intense as it was four weeks ago but it was about 90% the same. My exercise routine this week has made me a little bit proud of myself ( I will be writing a post on it next week so keep your little eyes peeled ) my biggest achievement of the week was definitely doing five grit classes over the week, although by session four I was so incredibly sore and my the fifth I thought my legs were going to fall off.

Clubbercise Classes Now Running at Wincanton Memorial Hall _ Wincanton ___

Every week during the challenge I want to do a workout/class that I wouldn’t normally do simply because I know it will keep exercise fun for me and keep me super motivated. This week I decided to do clubbercise, I’ve only ever done it once before and I remembered how much I loved it so thought it would be a perfect class to do this week while I found my motivation again. I managed to ripe my friend Sarah into coming with and we spent a full hour just dancing around in the dark like crazy people. Honestly if you haven’t tried it yet you have it! We giggled and worked out so hard that we were covered in sweat.


Glorious food!


My week didn’t have the best of starts diet wise but it was certainly better than it has been. In fact there were only a couple of hours each day that I actually struggled and ate badly and that was between 7-9pm which is strange for me because I never normally eat at that time. But at exactly 7pm for the first three days I could have eaten my entire kitchen.

By Monday evening I sat myself down and had a long hard chat with myself about not giving up and looking after my health. I started this fitness journey nine months ago not to get thin or look a certain way but to improve my health and life and nine months on that still the most important part of this journey. I have been using platejoy to help me with my diet and give me some new food inspiration can can check out what I have been eating here .


So the first half of the week started badly but it was incredibly yummy!

Goals for next week!

1. Try a new exercise class.
2. Have just one treat meal.
3. Do some exercise outside in the fresh air.
4. Try a new fruit or vegetable.


Those glorious feelings!

I’m feeling incredibly positive now despite the slow start, I knew it would be hard and although this week wasn’t perfect I actually did better than I expected I would. I’m extremely excited now for week two and doing better and showing myself how much I’ve grown and changed over the last few months. I have a lot of evenings out and lunch dates next week and its important that I make good choices and keep moving forward because I have come too far to give up now. I’m definitely trying to stay positive, a few bad weeks doesn’t mean give up it just means pick yourself back up and keep moving forward.

At the same time I’m not beating myself up about it either, clearly my body needed the rest and some time to recover from such an intense routine and now I have rested I actually feel stronger mentally than I did before, I even managed to resist a bake sale at work during the week.



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