Pudding & pimms party


Since my last women’s institute meeting in May I have literally been counting down the days until the next meeting, practically counting down the minutes. And it’s no wonder considering that Julys meeting had the delicious name of pudding & pimms, so I know I don’t drink so the pimms didn’t appeal to me but the pudding part, well you all know how much I love puddings and boy was there puddings.


I go to a W.I meeting in the village my grandfather lives ( about 30 mins from my house ) because my grandmother was the president of the last group the village had and I thought it would be a lovely way to stay connected to the village is absolutely loved.


Naturally I couldn’t go without stopping at my grandfather’s first and catching up on all the local gossip ( after all I need some local scandal for the meeting, I need to know all the news ). But my favourite thing to do with my grandad is listen to him talk about his garden which is his absolute pride and joy. I have so many wonderful memories of just laying in the long grass picking strawberries and raspberries and eating them until my little belly hurt. Or my grandmother shouting up the garden to bring some potatoes in for the Sunday lunch.


I am just getting over an eye infection at the moment which means no contact lens for me for a couple of weeks, as someone who has worn glasses since she was 18 months old and even the dreaded patch over my lazy left eye I have never been comfortable wearing them, they make me feel so self confident. I bought myself contact lenses for my 16th birthday and have never looked back. Not to mention the gym is an absolute nightmare for glass wearers, I spend the whole time pushing them up my nose.


I was more than a little anxious about the meeting in my glasses specially as I don’t really know many of the members yet, I know it sounds ridiculous but I guess it’s a bit like Clarke Kent and superman, when I have my glasses on I don’t really want to be noticed and find myself not really talking to anyone and just looking at the floor but when I have my contacts in I’m like a different woman.


Luckily my need for cake was greater than my lack of self confidence, I found some friendly faces and asked if I could join their table ( with a little help from another member ). As we approached them I was so anxious worrying they would say no but luckily they said yes and I started preparing myself to try eleven different pieces of cake and puddings.


I went behind the scenes for  little sneak peek of the cakes, how yummy do these look.


The women arrived and the room was alive with the sounds and laughs of friends meeting and hugs were flying round.


Naturally I took the seat as close to the cake as humanly possible, I definitely had my eye on the summer berry pavlova.


I could have eaten the whole plate to myself, number 11 was my favourite  was a lemon and ginger crunch that was super creamy, zesty and tasty slice of heaven.


I wasn’t the only one happy to  eating cake.


The evening draw to an end the the Queen of puddings 2016 was crowned, the room cheered and giggled as we all made our way home with full bellies and big smiles. I highly recommend going along to your local WI meeting, you get to meet some absolutely lovely women from all walks of laugh, try new things and if you are lucky there will be cake.



  1. July 11, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    Love this post Emma. I have toyed with joining a local W I group and if it is as much fun as this I definitely need to do it!

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