7 Deadly ( make up ) Sins Tag!

I was tagged by the gorgeous Jess from Honestly Ombre to share my 7 Deadly sins make up tag! Jess is absolutely stunning and has the most gorgeous effortless cool look, it’s hard to believe she has any make up Sins.

Me on the other hand is a different story and right now I’m struggling to get the list down to just seven things! I have been awful to my skin over the years and now that I’m in my 30s it’s something that I really regret because I swear every day I notice new wrinkles and marks on my face.


I spent most my childhood living with just my dad so make up wasn’t really his thing ( I didn’t even have any aunts to help me through puberty ). He tried his best I always got trips to superdrug to buy the basic school make up but that was a disaster with the tell tale orange jaw line. As I hit my late teens/early twenties I went through several looks from hippy to goth where make up was more war paint. It’s only in my thirties that I have shown any real interest in make up and skin care, you can read more about how little I know about beauty here . Here we go, feel free to judge away.

1. I don’t EVER touch my eyebrows!

I wear contact lenses because I am blind as a bat so my eyebrows are an absolute no go for me, I tried once and I ended up with one long thin one and a short fat one, I didn’t leave my house for two weeks. Now I have them waxed once a fortnight and that’s all I ever do to them, I would love to try a eyebrow pencil but don’t even know where to start with picking one ( if you have any suggestions, please comment below ). I actually spend hours looking at women’s eyebrows on instagram with such envy, maybe I will give some eyebrow looks ago, keep your eyes peeled with a comedy blog post.


2. I buy products I have no idea how to use!

No body loves the idea of make up more than me but like everything creative in my life the idea in my head is much prettier than it is in reality. I love buying make up as it makes me feel girly and in control of my life but usually it sits on my dressing table unused forever because I seriously have no idea what the hell I’m doing and I’m too scared to just have ago.

3. Not having a bed time routine!

This is definitely my most shocking and awful sin and I’m ashamed to admit it but I don’t have a bed time routine at all past washing my face in water. I have tried a couple of times in the past to start one but it always ended up being forgotten about pretty much straight away. This is the one sin that I want to change the most, I’m 32 this month and everyday I feel like I am aging quicker and quicker, but to be perfectly honest I get so overwhelmed when I go looking at products, I have no idea where to start or what I need, please comment or email me if you have any suggestions. Once I know where to start I will try again and hopefully have better results.

4. Playing it safe!

In reality I probably haven’t really changed my make up look from school, I have just got a little bit better at blending. The most adventurous I get with my make up is wearing red lipstick.

5. Not using make up brushes!

Ok so this might actually be my worst make up sin, this post is actually shocking me now and I might end up wearing a paper bag over my head for a few months. The only make up brush I actually use is for shadow, I have no idea why not, I have a pile of beautiful make up brushes but I just don’t like using them.


6. Spending a small fortune on my nails because I’m too lazy to paint them!!

Ok so maybe not lazy but I literally apply my nail polish wait three seconds and touch it to see if it’s dry and end up having to reapply, I just don’t have the patience to wait. But then when I think just how much I spend yearly having my nails done at least every two weeks and I always end up getting a pedicure too, it’s pretty scary but I just can’t stop. I love having my nails done, I couldn’t imagine them now without colour or length ( I’ve had them this long for two years now ).

7. Buying eyeshadow I know I will never wear!

I am a little magpie when it comes to eyeshadow, I go straight to the pretty colours and metallic ones even tho I’ve been wearing pretty much the same sand coloured one for the last 20 year. I really need to broaden my make up horizon, maybe I will spend the weekend giving myself a little make over.


There you have it, my 7 Deadly make up Sins! I don’t know whether to embrace my lack of make up skills or move to the forest and live in a cave. There are definitely some things I want to change, luckily its my birthday month and I can feel a few new treats happening this month. This was such a fun tag, please feel free to join in!



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