Be a flamingo


You might want to hold on to your little socks because I’m about to show you something so sweet and incredibly cute that those little socks will be blown off! You all know now that I am chocolate baby’s number one fan, I literally eat each months chocolate box in five seconds then spend the rest of the month just waiting with ants in my pants for the next month.


I got a little sneak peek/taste into Julys treat box and I melted into a little puddle on floor when I opened it up to discover the perfect pink flamingo themed summer box.


This month’s box come with some little extra treats, which excited me so much, the pretty printed postcard has already found a place on my dressing table and is a cute little daily reminder to be fabulous.


Every month chocolate baby treat boxes just keep surprising me which when I think they have discovered a new level of cuteness the next box comes along even more fabulous than the last and even more tastier. I wish these little pink flamingo biscuits would just appear throughout my day in random places to give me a little happy treat and make my day even happier.


Taking these pictures as fast as humanly possible so I could get the chocolate in my belly faster, I had Jamie stood behind me trying his hardest to get at the chocolate, constantly asking me if I had finished. There I was camera in one hand, other hand pushing at Jamie’s chest when all of a sudden he dipped me into a old fashioned kiss, all of a sudden the kiss had stopped and Jamie was running away with the chocolate lolly. For the next five minutes I tried my hardest to get a bite but he ate the whole lot, apparently it was delicious.


These little pink and white buttons were my absolute favourite, little strawberry buttons of perfection which lasted all of five seconds and now has left me with a button shaped whole in my heart which only 5kg of more strawberry buttons will fill.


I’m already dreaming about more chocolate, its pretty much all I’ve thought about for the last couple of days. Now here’s the important stuff you can get your Chocolate baby boxes over here and while you are waiting for your order you can bake their secret recipe peanut butter blondies.



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