My little box, June edition


It only seems like yesterday that I received my May’s edition of My little box and my June box is already here. I honestly can’t believe it has taken me so long to get involved in the world’s obsession with subscription boxes. They are like a surprise present to yourself every single month. And I absolutely love surprises.


 This month’s theme was summer vibes, just what I needed as England seems to have skipped summer and headed straight from Spring into Autumn. But seriously I need some sunshine and quick. This is probably my least favourite my little box that I’ve received as there really isn’t that much stuff in it that I would use but it’s still a really cute box. How cute is this little illustrated print, I’m on the hunt for a set of pretty little photo frames as every month comes with a pretty illustration.


I feel like I’m going to be rather negative about this box but really I’m not, it’s a great box but not for me and I can’t love every box. This month came with a slogan vest top which is cute but I’m not a fan of the slogan tea so have sent it to my pj draw to let it live out its days as night wear.


Every month one of the beauty products you receive are my little boxes own products beautifully named my little beauty. This month there product was beach hair! Every month my little beautys’s product turns out to be my favourite product in the box, I have been using this all month long and its amazing my hair has been lovely and wavy like I’ve spent the morning surfing. I would love to say I’ve been doing it for style reasons but really I’ve been doing it because it’s so quick and easy and safes me 20 mins every morning.


I never paint my nails myself so nail polish doesn’t really make it into my house but I have a sister who loves nail polish and it would be a shame to waste it when it’s such a pretty coral shade.


Last summer I travelled around some of America’s southern states where iced tea is a big deal and comes in every favour you could ever imagine. And believe me I tried so hard to love it by the end of my trip I would have settled for even liking it. I think this iced tea will probably stay in the back of my tea cupboard until the end of time.


Every month your little box comes with a little A5 sized magazine based on the theme of the box. This month it has some amazing summer playlists, perfect for entertaining in the garden if only the sun would come out.


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