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I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things I loving at the moment, new and old. Here are some of things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, amazingly they are not all food ( I know I’m shocked too ). Why not drop a comment below and tell me about all the things you are currently loving at the moment as well.


Reading // My articles for Love from magazine’s blog which you can read here. When I started blogging I never could have dreamed that I would be writing for someone else too. It really is a dream come true and fingers crossed just the start, I would absolutely love to write a book and be published.


Eating // I am eating ice cream like it’s about to disappear off the face of the earth.


Enjoying // English gardens in the spring are one of my favourite things in the world, I wander around like I’m a character from a Jane Austen book ( usually Elizabeth Bennett ) in a long dress stopping and smelling flowers, sitting on the grass to read and take in the general splender.


Drinking // Mango and strawberry tea is my new obsession, I can’t take anymore green tea at the moment so for the very first time in my life I am enjoying fruit teas.


Exercising // Walking! Now it’s warmer I’m definitely enjoying being outside more than being stuck in a hot gym. Although it’s not a very good workout it’s still lovely to be outside getting some fresh air.


Wearing // Fred and Florence active wear from Tesco, I am wearing it everywhere including to brunch, food shopping and dog walking. They are like wearing your pjs but you only get a few people giving you funny looks.


Loving // Seasonal fruit and vegetables, I am obsessed with markets and farmers markets specially during the warmer months. Mainly because they sell local fresh ingredients that have not travelled far, I over buy every week and freeze what I don’t use so I always have a freezer full of local produce.


Visiting // London, I promise this is the last time I bang on about this trip to the London. But it was definitely one of my highlights of the last month.


Relaxing // With Jamie, he has been home for the last couple of weeks  ( he goes again in four days ) and its been so lovely having him home and doing normal couple stuff like shopping and cleaning.


Feeling // So incredibly tired, I am absolutely exhausted at the moment. I have just taken a few days to myself to try and relax. I have no idea what’s wrong with me at the moment I just seem to be really tired, hopefully I have now caught up on some sleep and can get back to my old self.


Needing // A holiday so badly, I absolutely love my life and am torn between going away relaxing or just staying home and working. Maybe I just need a working holiday, I would never have imagined two years ago that I wouldn’t want to go on holiday choosing to work at home instead but it’s happened. I think mainly I just need a couple of days to sleep and do nothing.


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