Goodbye spring!


Today is the summer solstice which means it’s officially summer and spring is over. Spring goes so quickly compared to winter, I love the world waking up from its winter nap, babies are being born, there’s a warmth in the air and the bare landscape of the colder months turns a beautiful rainbow of colourful blossoms. Now if you read my blog you will know im ridiculously happy and incredibly thankful for every little thing that puts a smile on my face. So I thought I would share some of my spring highlights.


The first half of the year has been absolutely crazy for me and Jamie we have spent so much time apart following our own dreams while trying to organize our wedding and keep our relationship strong and happy. We are so incredibly happy and lucky to have found each other. The time we do get together is so special to me and we make a real effort to have quality time together, usually it involves cake and working on new projects and ideas. Summer means less time together but we are excited for each other and definitely push each other to work harder.


Spring has definitely been about spending time with family at the seaside, Jamie’s mum and dad have bought a caravan in north wales and we have been lucky enough to spend lots of time there and spend time with with his family which is amazing. I absolutely adore Jamie’s family they treat me like I’m already family and you can’t beat his mums cooking. I’m especially looking forward to more time with them.


I have now been working my bottom off for six months and I’m finally starting to see some positive changes just in time for summer. On the occasional spring sunny day I have managed to take my workout outside which is a welcome change from being stuck in a gym all winter. I just hope that summer is a little drier then spring has been so I can get some vitamin d all still working hard.


Dave absolutely loves springs, he loves the sunshine on his fur and the sound of all the little birds singing.


I don’t really have anything to say about cake I just wanted to show you some cake!


Spring is such a pretty month for flowers, the dark colours of winter have gone and my home has looked like a florist for months now. I certainly didn’t want tulip season to end!! I would love a garden full of pretty flowers but I know I’m a terrible gardener and I could kill a fake plant let alone a garden full of flowers.


Summer bodies are definitely made in the winter, for the first time in my entire life I’m  starting to become more comfortable with the way I look and my shape although I’m not ready to stop improving and working out. My next goal is to get some serious muscle definition.


Everything looks pretty when it’s pastel coloured specially sunsets that remind you of candy floss.


I went on a little London adventure this spring and it was fabulous, spring in the city was absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to see what Autumn in the city is like.


More seasonal fruits and veggies come with the sunshine which makes my meals even more colourful and most importantly more yummy.


British gardens come alive in the most beautiful of ways during spring. Since I don’t even have a green pinky I enjoy spending time in other people’s pretty gardens all the beauty and none of the work!!!


I love British seaside towns and we are very lucky to be such a small island as everyone can drive to one within a couple of hours.


I would eat ice cream wearing a bikini in the north pole but I don’t want to scare the polar bears. Nothing beats cooling down with a creamy Mr whippy, always the perfect way to end a perfect day.


Jamie makes me so proud every single day, he works incredibly hard at turning his dreams into a reality as well as supporting and encouraging my dreams. During spring he has worked harder than I’ve ever seen and its paying off for him in so many ways, he truly is my inspiration.


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  1. June 20, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    A lovely post gorgeous lady! Lovely to hear what you’ve been upto 🙂 xxx

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