Fitness // 019


This week has been so much better than last week, not perfect but definitely better. I have made a real conscious effort with my food choices again and although I’m still finding the gym harder I have really been pushing myself. I’m still incredibly tired all the time and my body feels just off ( not really sure what’s going on with it at the moment but I definitely don’t feel like myself ). Hopefully next week I will do better again and fingers crossed I’m back to normal soon enough.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


I’m still not back to my twice daily gym sessions but I did manage to go at least once every day with a couple of two session days the most important thing is that I’m not beating myself up over it, clearly my body wants a little rest and long term it’s better to take a short rest out of choice than be focused into a long rest. I have managed all my grit and yoga sessions, skipped spin classes and only managed a couple of runs. Fingers crossed I can do a little more running next week.


I have been trying to stick with more walking but it’s incredibly hard time wise. I certainly don’t do it for fitness because I can better workout in the gym in a quarter of the time but I do it more for wellbeing, it’s a great way to just get out and enjoy some fresh air and some daylight.

Glorious food!


I have eaten like a little clean eating angel, I have definitely eaten the rainbow and then some. I’m the biggest fan of eating better not less, I am a little greedy when it comes to the amount of food I eat so it’s so important that I eat a lot of low calorie foods ( don’t worry I still eat 3000 meals a day ).


I have replaced nearly all my cake and ice cream fixes with  healthier ideas ( mainly because my ice cream van man is on holiday ).


I only treat myself once last week ( I know it’s almost impossible to believe ). I’ve been very aware recently just how much sugar I’ve actually been eating ( specially around my tummy ) now I’ve tried giving it up and that’s impossible but I do need to cut back massively and think about my health again.

Goals for next week!

1. Do more hiking.
2. Try a new gym class.
3. Try some new fruits and vegetables.
4. Drink more water, hydration is important.


Those glorious feelings!

I’m still feeling a little down about this week but trying to stay positive, you might remember I wrote a couple of weeks ago about getting medical help with the mental side of weight loss well I’m now waiting to see a councillor after having a ” I’m too fat to leave the house ” breakdown which involved me sat at the top of the stairs in hysterical crying and shouting fits because I still see myself as seven stone heavier. And I know I always say this but please if you are trying or thinking about losing a lot of weight, please go and discuss it with your doctor because the mental effects are as damaging as the physical effects of being overweight and its certainly my biggest regret. Being slim does not equal happiness, your mind doesn’t just change overnight.



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