Just the three of us


Just recently I have really been getting into hiking ( think the sunshine has played a big part in this ) and with Jamie spending a little time at home this month I thought I’d rope him into it too, although I had to drag him into the car kicking and screaming. I had to use the “but if loved me you would” line and eventually he settled down.


My two favourite men in the whole wide world! We decided to spend the day walking around The follies at Hawkstone park in Shropshire. Hiking is definitely a welcome change to spending hours in the gym and I am able entice Jamie into walking ( with the promise that we might see carp ) not sure he’d believe that there might be carp in the gym.


As usual I have taken way too many pictures but it was so incredibly beautiful and I wanted to share it with you. The entire landscape was just a sea of the prettiest greens and purples. Not to mention that Dave is a massive poser and is constantly stopping and begging me to take his picture.


I walked to the top of the tower, Jamie and Dave decided they liked the view from below. But the burn in my thighs was totally worth it for the views just wish it had been a clearer day.


Dave absolutely knows he’s gorgeous!


I’m so incredibly hard on myself and a lot of the time I forget just how far┬áme and my body have come, here’s to many more active healthy years together and hopefully i will learn o be a little kinder to myself.


We spent four hours walking up and down and down a little further chatting and laughing ( some of us were more happy than others about the walking ). Not ready to end our little adventure just yet, Jamie took me to one of his favourite places to fish and its not hard to see why.


How pretty is Ellesmere lake?! Set in a public park is the most incredible lake where you can hear every little last insect sing their little songs.


No day is complete unless it ends in a ice cream and this ice cream van has made it into my top five places to buy ice cream, it was so incredibly creamy ( there is absolutely no place too far when it comes to ice cream ).


A mama and her babies.


I couldn’t resist a pretty chessboard, it’s been so long since I have eaten cheese that I only managed a couple of mouth fulls, it’s hard to believe that I was once able to eat an entire block of cheese in one sitting.


The three of us sat at the end of a jetti just listening to the sound of the lake and despite the miserable looking sky it was so hot, I lay down and drifted into a little nap under the suns warmth while Jamie watched for carp.


I had such a wonderful day with my two handsome chaps, I have loved having Jamie around more these last two weeks and am going to miss him so much when he goes again but luckily we have made lots of new happy memories.


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