What I eat in a day!


Every week I write a daily blog post on how my fitness journey is coming along and I touch on what food I’ve eaten over the week but never really talked in too much detail about it so I thought its about time I changed that. I feel like it’s so important to let you know that what works for me and my body might not necessarily work for anyone else on the planet, also my needs and diet changes a lot daily depending on how much exercise I’m doing, my monthly cycle and just life in general.

Saying that the basics are pretty much the same and my monthly cycle actually plays the biggest factor in my diet and if you read Friday’s fitness blog update ( which you can catch here ) you will know I’m no longer having a period due to my body changing, however my body is still going through the actual cycle ( wow I’ve said cycle a lot ).  So I’m usually mainly plant based for most of the month but for the three days before my period I eat plate after plate of meat. Then during my period I can’t stomach meat or dairy so have a vegan diet for five days then I’m back to veggies.

Because my routine changes so much at the moment I will be doing what I eat in a day once a month at different stages and days of the month. This is what I ate yesterday, I was off work and have just finished my monthly cycle. I did a 30 min Grit class, run 10k, and did a 90 minute yoga class as well as running errands.


I woke at 5am to get ready for a 6am gym session and whenever I do this I start my day with a very large milky coffee and two bananas for energy. It took me a long time to get used to eating as soon as I had woken up but now I automatically go straight to the bananas.


8.00 AM Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day and my absolute favourite. After Grit and running I was about starving and tucked into this amazing breakfast. I started with one piece of wholgrain seeded toast with avocado and baked spinach, mushrooms and two eggs. Followed by strawberry soya yoghurt and strawberries, the absolute perfect way to start day, no matter how little time I have in the mornings I always make sure I have a good breakfast.


11.00 AM I snack on a lot of fruit, it’s so tasty and sweet. I probably eat far too much fruit but it’s better than eating chocolate or crisps.


1.00 PM Recently I have become a little obsessed with feta cheese and lunch yesterday was beetroot, feta and plum salad. It was so tasty and extremely filling. I weigh out all dairy ingredients sticking to the recommended portion size but for vegetables I just eat as much as I like. Once I started weighing them I realised I was actually eating two or three portions thinking it was only one, it was a little bit shocking and made realise that it was one of the reasons I was so overweight.


3.00 PM Because I eat a mainly plant diet which tends to be made up of low calorie meals I have to eat a lot of meals, and because I exercise so much my body tends to need about 3000 calories a day to maintain its weight. My mid afternoon snack was made up of strawberry soya yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


6.00 PM I have yoga at 7pm on Monday evenings  I try and eat a super light dinner ( I tried not having dinner once and my tummy rumbled all the way through the class ). I went for two hard boiled eggs, asparagus and smoked salmon. Perfect quick dinner and absolutely yummy.


9.00 PM On Monday evenings I practice yoga til 8.30 and when I get home at 9pm I’m absolutely starving and in need of something sweet. So I opted for fruity granola, strawberries and Nutella. Perfect treat instead of ice cream or a family sized chocolate bar, stops my sweet tooth craving and is pretty healthy.

All this food has made me hungry again! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day as much as I did eating it!




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  1. June 15, 2016 / 1:21 am

    Take care sweet one; I know your body is changing and your doctor is in the know, but try to be easy on yourself too and don’t let fitness take away your natural health from you. I am sorry to preach. I mean it in a caring way of course xx

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