Food, Sun & a carousel


If you read my regularly but don’t follow me on social media ( tut tut but you are forgiven ) you probably wonder why I visit so many plans alone or why I never write a lot about my boyfriend Jamie. Jamie is away three to four nights a week with at least one 7 night week away a month. We have both been so incredibly busy the last three months working on projects and working towards our dreams that we just don’t get much time together so when Jamie surprised me with a week at home I quickly changed all my plans and made new plans with him ( don’t worry no friends were affected by this, I kept friends plans ).


Now Jamie spoils me like a princess, when im with him I turn into a absolute diva but he avoids buying me food because he’s says I would bankrupt him within six months, I always order two/three main courses and at least three desserts when we go out so I don’t blame him it’s ridiculous. So when we woke last week and Jamie told me we were going out for some food I was extremely intrigued and ready in record speed.


He surprised me with a trip to the seaside and Southports annual food festival, my idea of absolute heaven, I was so glad I wore I loose fitting dress because I was ready to try everything.


First on my list was a coke cocoa pulled pork bap/sandwich now usually I don’t eat meat but really wanted to try this and it was incredible but so hard to eat ( I spill everything down myself, I had to eat it at a funny angle ).


I seriously want some deckchairs for my garden, where do you buy them from? It was so nice to just sit and relax and just be together. We talk so fast when we are together despite ringing each other constantly while apart we save all the big important new til we are face to face. 


There was a serious lack of healthy foods available even the vegan stall just sold vegan burgers nearly everything came in a form of bread. Now there was a couple of stands selling monthly vegetable boxes, this looks so much better then a burger.


Such a beautiful day, we sat in sunshine letting our stomachs settle before more food.


I need to eat more savoury crepes, these sound amazing, I was stood deciding whether or not make stomach could handle trying all of them.


I opted for a cranberry, Parma ham and brie crepe file Jamie looked on in shock about just how much food I can eat. It was so yummy and reminded me of Christmas time I love warm cranberry and brie.


Naturally Jamie found the bar, but seriously how cool is this red double decker bar.


I have such a handsome chap, I’m a very lucky girl.


Seriously handsome!


Ready for a sweet treat I found a stall selling brownies, this is a rocky road brownie and just the most incredible tasting brownie. I finished this before I had even left the stall and ended up buying 5 very large slabs of different brownies which only lasted the next 24 hours.


I can’t tell you just how much I love spending time with Jamie and I think because we don’t get much time together we really try and make what time we do get very special and fun.


Finally my stomach gave up and become so full we decided to go for a walk into Southport town.


My stomach managed to find a little room when I saw a ice cream van I just can’t say no to a Mr whippy.


I couldn’t resist a picture with Minnie.


We did a little shopping in the centre of town where I discovered a shop that I think is pretty new it would even have Willy Wonka a little envious. It had every kind of sweet in every kind of colour you could ever imagine. I don’t actually like popcorn 🙁 the little bits you get in your mouth freak me out!!! Although I wish I did because these favours sound amazing.


Ok another food I  actually don’t like Jellybeans the same reason as above, they have such a  freaky texture but this shop was a instagramers paradise.


Waiting extremely patiently as I spent forever in the book store, looking back at the pictures Jamie really did do this whole day for me without any complaints, he’s a good egg isn’t he.


No trip to the seaside would be complete without a ride on the carousel and Jamie doesn’t mind doing all the stupid little things that I love to do.


My girlie 💚


Jamie, lots of food, sunshine and a ride on a carousel is absolutely a perfect way to spend a day. I had so much fun and it reminds me why I don’t mind him going away so much because when he comes back its so much better.



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