Floral delights


I have never been a girl who wanted the latest clothes, make up, beauty products nor the person who had to have the biggest house or a fancy car. I am the girl who wanted to collect memories who wants to be a old lady sat in a rocking chair telling stories about all the adventures I had in my youth. My twenties were spent traveling and parting and making memories ( some that are amazing, some that are shocking and some I try desperately to forget ). Now I am in my thirties I still feel the same but the stories are less shocking and so far there have been none I want to forget.


Whenever I go to buy something new and ask myself what could I be doing with that money instead, it doesn’t even have to be expensive, it has became a bit of an obsession. Last November I joined the national trust for the price of a lipstick a month and for that one lipstick I now go out at least four times a month ( that’s just good math ).


Last week  I spent a couple of hours walking around one of my favourite gardens, Biddulph gardens. Since November I have been six times and every time it has just looked more and more beautiful but last week I felt like I was in the most glorious of beautiful dreams, the gardens looked as if a rainbow had exploded all over them.


Have you ever seen the film Elizabethtown, with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom, well if you haven’t you should it’s one of those films that makes you want to explore the world more. Well Dunsts character Claire constantly goes round using her hands as a camera snapping views she wants her memory to keep ( it’s not as bad as I just made it sound, it was a terrible explanation ). I could have spent the day taking pictures for my memory it was as if I had never seen colour before.


This summer I will be wearing yellows, pinks and purples, maybe all three together.


I visited on a bank holiday Monday ( not the best of ideas ) there were more people there then I was used too! As someone who enjoys wandering whilst day dreaming it was too hard with the sheer number of people there.


I want all future selfies to have a floral background!


I can’t look at a carp without thinking about jamie, and jamie would tell me off if I didn’t stop and say hello. The amount of carp knowledge I have now is ridiculous, it seems to have found a nice little place in my brain to live.


When I’m old telling my stories I most definitely want to be living in a little house like this with a rocking chair on the front scaring all the passing children.


Probably my favourite book as a child was the secret garden, I absolutely love the idea of a secret garden a small hidden paradise that you can hide away in. Biddulph gardens is made up of these gardens, you have to go through tunnels up and down little paths, I still get lost going around. I never end up where I think I’m going to but it’s always a lovely surprise.


No afternoon would be complete without a ice cream, this was a yummy raspberry ripple Snugburys ice cream.


How beautiful are these colours, me and Jamie are spending this summer redoing our garden so I’m always looking for garden inspiration and the only two things I want is a vegetable patch and a garden that is colourful all year round.


I really do have everything crossed for a long hot summer, all my free time from now to October is filled with lots of days out, so I might be in last season’s clothes but when I’m old and the clothes are long, long gone I will have some incredible memories.


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