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This week has officially been the strangest week I’ve had since starting my fitness journey, my body has been all over the place and acting extremely weird. The week started off brilliantly with lots of hiking and veggies and by the end of it ive eaten my way through my kitchen and hated being in the gym.

And we all know I over share and most importantly I think it’s so important to tell you the truth about what getting fit really entails. About mid week I started doing the maths in regards to wear my period is!!!! I quickly realized it had been 9 weeks since my last period ( I can assure I am not pregnant, I’ve done two tests ) and with all the issues I’ve had and doctors visits ( you can catch up on that in my last fitness post, under healthy living category ) I rang my doctors and we had a really long chat. She seems to think it’s just down to my weight loss. I am at a healthy weight for my height but this is the smallest my body has been, we have decided to give it a little time and keep an eye on my body fat percentage, and hopefully it will come back. When I think about fitness and periods I’ve always assumed that they only stopped when your body hit certain extremes but it could just be my body getting used to my new frame ( I will keep you updated ).

Glorious, glorious exercise!


This week I’ve only managed four gym sessions, which is over half less than normal, on a average week I visit the gym ten or eleven times but this week my body just shut up shop and refused to do anything. I tried to do grit four times and ended up walking out twice because I just couldn’t get my body to do anything. Usually I have no problems with muscle soreness, yes I get sore but that has never affected my performance my body usually uses that as motivation but not this week. This week my muscles just haven’t recovered and its really annoyed me even tho four gym sessions is ok and perfectly normal.


Luckily I have still been managing some long walks with Dave and a couple of ten mile plus hikes with Jamie. With the heat us Brits have been experiencing I couldn’t handle the thought of going to the gym any later than 7am ( even at 7am the gym is so extremely hot ).

Glorious food!


I absolutely love eating a colourful plate, this week I have not at all been  with eating dinner which I’m putting down to the heat but I have made sure I’ve had bigger breakfasts and lunches to make up the calories after all this is about health not weight loss. Plus due to not exercising as much as usual, my body hasn’t needed food in the same way it would.

My absolute favourite meal of the week has to have been hummus pizzas I got a wholesome pitta bread, grilled and cut it in half, covered it in hummus and roasted veggies with a tiny bit of feta cheese and olive oil. 


Although one of the goals I set myself last week for this week was to eat less sweet treats, I seem to have been on a sweet treat mission. I’m pretty sure I have eaten my body weight in cakes and ice cream. I am under strict instructions from my doctor not to loss anymore weight so I have had to up my calorie intake as I don’t want to exercise less.And what better way than with cake although it has to stop or at least be cut down or else I will have no teeth left ( I slightly think it’s a small price to pay for yummy cake tho ).


Also this week I have been craving so many foods that I’ve not even had for more than six mores, like cheese. Luckily just a small amount satisfied me and I’ve not wanted any more, cheese is a slippery road on the way to weight gain.

Goals for next week!

1. Get back to normal gym sessions.
2. Avoid sweet treats!
3. Try and new gym class.
4. Drink more water!


Those glorious feelings!

I’m so happy that this week is over, it’s been absolutely rubbish but it’s over and hopefully my body has used the rest to fix itself and I will be able to get back to the gym for full sessions. I really need to get the sweet treats under control because this week has seriously been ridiculous so I’m not cutting them out but I’m going to set a limit of just four in the hope I can cut down. And in regards to my period, let’s just hope it returns.

I have started a new fitness instagram page as a way to share clean eating recipes, fitness tips and ideas, fitness motivation and general fitness rants. You can find the instagram page here @emmas_happy_healthy_world



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